Pop Ice

Fun for everyone...
Pop Ice is a playful 10 to 12 months old pup. His stunning eyes and fun-loving disposition caught the attention of our intake director and she couldn't say no to him. Puppy Pop Ice is currently at our mini shelter and can't wait for his forever home. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  10 - 12 Months
Weight:  Still growing
Color: White and Brindle
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Healthy as can be! Pop Ice is still a puppy so he's has a little more growing up to do. He is in the teenage phase right now. A little lanky; his head seems too big for his body. He'll get more proportioned as he starts filling out.

Living Situation:  

That happy goof is at MPR shelter, making the best of what life has to offer. He's being a real little trouper about his situation. Pop Ice is a positive pup and easily able to amuse himself. He's very smart and alert. Great potential for obedience training.  Pop is keeping his kennel clean, using the doggy-door to go do his business in the outside part. He loves to chew on toys but seems to leave his bedding alone for the most part. He's still a puppy. Nothing abnormal. He likes to chew like any pup his age.



Veeeeery outgoing and we stress it. Typical teenager puppy. Playful and busy learning all he can about the world.  He is energetic and lively. Not overly hyper but at his age, he's a little more into playing than cuddling. He does have a loving sweetheart side though. Give him enough exercise and a good outlet for his energy and he'll be happy to spend time lounging on the couch too. For now, most everything is a game and he needs to learn boundaries. We're working on it. Pop Ice has a lot of drive but he is responsive to leadership. He will require an owner capable of providing him with structure and consistency. He's a smart little guy and full of potential.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Pop Ice knows no stranger. Everyone is a long-lost friend. He's a riot and will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. He could also test your patience but that's what smart and outgoing teenager puppies do. He does want to learn and he appreciates knowing that someone is in charge. If not, he thinks it falls back on him. Pop would be a great candidate for obedience training and he should make you very proud in the class because he is so smart and sharp. He has great timing response too.


Behavior with children: 

Pop is very playful and might be a little too much for small children. He's the kind of dog who would thrive in a home with active teenagers. He very much wants to be in the middle of the action with everyone.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Pop has been going to a doggy play group and playing with some other shelter dogs a few hours a week. He does great with all the dogs he plays with and really enjoys their company. He would do best with a tolerant and playful female. 


Behavior with other animals: 




Pop is responsive but he is still very green. He knows sit and down and is eager to learn more. He likes work and learning tricks. He has a bit if a "working dog" drive. In the right hands, he could go very far in obedience training.


We are currently addressing his enthusiasm for tugging at the leash when going on walks. Someone must have allowed him to play tug-o-war without teaching him to release. You can tell he wants to learn so it's just a matter of breaking a bad habit learned previously. We're working on it.

Best Attribute:  

Pop Ice is a smart cookie, sharp, fun-loving, energetic and athletic. He'd make a great running partner or would keep up on long walks. He's funny and playful and cute as can be... And really, look at those eyes!!!

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