Polly Pocket

Pure love and fun in a compact size...
Polly was rescued from the local city shelter and brought straight to her foster home for care.  She had a bad case of Kennel Cough so her full personality is coming out now, after several weeks of recovery.  She must be the runt of her litter based on her size - if you didn't know better, you'd think she were a puppy!  But, sadly, she had to have come from a breeding situation because she's definitely had puppies of her own.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1.5-2 years
Weight:  30lbs.
Color: Brown/White
Good with dogs:  Compatible with friendly males
Good with cats:  Possibly

Even if you can’t adopt Polly, you can still help by donating for her care.

Living Situation:  Polly lives in a foster home with two male foster brothers. She lives with two adults but has visited with young toddlers and is the perfect size to not be overwhelming for them.  She is gentle and calm and would be great in a family with children.  She is housetrained and is used to having a backyard with a fence.  She is uninterested in neighbor dogs and various critters, so walking her would be very easy.  Polly has been to a few friend's houses and is always a polite houseguest!  She is used to either sleeping in her foster mom's bed or on the couch - she has to take turns with the resident dogs for a spot on the bed.

Polly is kennel trained but is inconsistently kept in there, as she rotates with her foster brothers on who gets to roam the house when no one is home.  She keeps her kennel clean but is also non-destructive when left to her own devices - she's past the chewing phase and is content relaxing on the couch in her alone time.

Personality:   From her foster mom - "Polly is such a treat to have in our home!  She gets along easily with our males and causes no trouble whatsoever.  She loves to cuddle and will follow us around until we are in a position for her to find a spot on a lap.  If she could talk, I'd imagine her saying 'Stop cleaning, already, and just sit so we can cuddle!'  She is enthusiastic but not hyper, snuggly but not clingy.  If we didn't want to keep fostering, we'd keep her!"



Behavior with other dogs: Polly gets along with great with her foster brothers - she is much younger than them and perhaps wants to play more often than they do, but she takes their cues when it's time to calm down and has never pushed their buttons.  She is loving with them but is mostly interested in her human friends.


Behavior with other animals:   Polly only lives with dogs but has met cats and didn't have a reaction to them.


Training: Polly knows simple commands but we are working on making those commands last.  For example, she will sit but we are trying for 'stay.'  She listens when reprimanded (although the worst thing she does is get a little lick-happy)!


Best Attribute:   Polly is near perfect!  Her pocket size makes any behavior tolerable because she can't possibly be too overbearing.  She is such a sweetheart and aims to please.  Polly would be the perfect addition to any type of family because she's so adaptable - she has energy and would love a running buddy but is also perfectly happy with a calm household where cuddling is top priority.  

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