Po' Boy

A traditional sandwich from Louisiana
Po'Boy is most likely a "Catahoula Bulldog" type dog and was confiscated by animal control due to neglect. His ordeal has not affected his outgoing and friendly personality. Po absolutely  loves people and thrives on attention.  You can't get a friendlier one! 
ID Number: #24330014
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Catahoula Bulldog/Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 to5  years old
Weight: 55 to 65 lbs. 
Color: White with merle patches
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No

Living Situation:

Po'Boy is fostered in a home with other dogs but is kept separate from them. This dog is very, very affectionate and too people-loving to have to share attention like that. We know that he longs for a home where he will be the only 4-legged king in the house. In the meantime, Po'Boy is being a real good sport about his situation and manages to keep his chin up until someone gives him a chance. 

There is a fenced yard in his foster home but Po also enjoys going on long walks. He loves people's company so much that nothing makes him happier than to be included. He's crazy about car rides too. 


Very friendly, loving, outgoing and people-oriented. Po is both playful and cuddly. He's a smart dog, eager to please and to learn. Po has a well-balanced personality. Not too dominant but not a coward either. Might be a little more on the submissive side with people. He is very, very responsive and obedient and he loves to please. This dog's favorite thing in the world is to make his loved-ones happy. 


Note that Po'Boy is a little needy and craves attention. He loves nothing more than cuddling and will happily prop his whole 60 Lbs. on your lap if you let him.  If you are looking for an independent dog, Po is not the one for you. He's very dedicated to be your faithful little shadow. 

That said, Po'Boy has learned to be patient and he is very well behaved, even when home alone. In fact, his foster family doesn't even need to crate him. He stays in separate quarters in the house and is not destructive at all. He has wonderful house manners and is completely house broken. 


Behavior with people:

He gets attached quickly and is very loyal to his loved-ones. He'll give his whole heart to his family with no second thought. When it comes to dealing with strangers, he's very friendly as well, and great at getting his cue from his owner. He would probably not be a very good guard dog and will likely greet everyone like a long lost friend. He does look impressive though. So his appearance alone might be a deterrent. 


Behavior with kids:

Great with children. He’s a kid at heart and actually loves the company of the mini-people. He keeps his good manners around kids and adapts to their play style.


Other pets:

He is dominant with other dogs. Won't back down from a challenge. Not good with other male dogs or cats. "Might" be able to share a home with a compatible female if owners understand bully breeds well, assure strict supervision and proceed with adequate introduction but we prefer a home as an only pet for him. He does enjoy having all the human attention to himself anyway.  He’s definitely more about his people than anything else. 





Responsive, smart, very eager to please. He's doing great with basic commands. He enjoys the attention he gets when learning new tricks so he’s all about it. Positive reinforcement works very well with him. He’ll do anything to make his loved-ones happy.

Po is perfectly crate-trained but probably won't need to be crated once adjusted to a new home. He does have storm anxiety however and actually likes to go in his crate when the weather is bad.  


Best Attribute:

Po’boy’s charm is definitly his best attribute. He is such a Casanova. He sure is a hit with the ladies but he has the personality to be a guy’s best buddy as well. He knows how to win your heart with his soft puppy eyes. He's handsome inside and out. This dog is a great one and would be a fantastic companion for just about anyone who's looking for an easy and very loving dog.

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