A supernatural being in folklore and children's stories, small fairylike creature; a playful sprite.
We don’t have any information as to why Pixie was sitting homeless at the pound, but her irresistable personality is what drew us to her. She was smiling in her cage, and rolling on her back for attention. We were smitten. 
ID Number:  #29490841
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Boston/Pit Mix
Sex:  Female (spayed)
Age:  10 to 20 mo
Weight:  ~ 40
Color: Black & White
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  N/A
Living Situation:
Little Pixie is fostered in a home with teenagers and adults. There's is an older male shepherd in her home. A medium size chain-link fenced yard. Pixie is kept in a crate at night and when no one is home but its quite obvious she would rather be sleeping in bed with people!


She's very flirty and totally adorable. She's super sweet and can act submissive when meeting new people. She almost seems timid but she's a bit of a drama queen. In reality, Pixie a happy goofball and joyful young dog. She loves to entice people by rolling on her back or crawling into their lap. She is very endearing and it's pretty much impossible to resist her charm. Being on the small size, she fits well on people's lap, which definitely pleases her. 


Pixie She loves to play. She loves to fetch her ball and play tug with her rope toy. She really loves all kinds of toys. She loves to be outside running in the grass or sitting in the sun.


Behavior with people: 

Pixie is docile and she adores people.  She craves love and is very quick to give her whole little heart to anyone who wants it. She would certainly not make a very good guard-dog as she is too people-friendly. She's more the type to charm her way onto everyone's lap and cuddle till her heart content.


She's a social butterfly and wants to go meet everyone she sees when on her daily walk.

Behavior with children: 
Pixie has not been exposed to toddlers but she loooooooves children! She want to be right in the middle of the action with everyone.  In fact, we would love to find this fun-loving gal a home with kids.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Pixie is great with the adult male dog in her foster home but he is a little too boring and serious for her. She would like to have a dog friend who likes to play.


Behavior with other pets: 



Pixie is housebroken and keeps her crate very neat and tidy. She is responsive and eager to please.  She walks well on a leash, though she likes for you to walk fast so she can see as many sights and smell as many smells as possible.


Best Attribute: 

Pixie is small and easy, and would most likely adapt to just about any lifestyle or home living situation. We could probably get her approved in some municipalities with mild BSL, such as OP. Her fun-loving personality, combined with her small size and irresistible smile, makes her the perfect companion for anyone looking for an easy, loving and faithful best friend.

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