In The Odyssey, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus who faithfully awaits his return for 20 years. The name Penelope is now associated with fidelity. 


Background Info:


Penelope had been waiting at the pound several months for a chance when the staff intervened and brought her situation to MPR's attention. She was adopted by a caring owner but is now losing her home again due to the owner's health issues. We hope Penny will be able to stay with her mom until a new home is found. She is currently in the St-Louis area but transport throughout the state can be arranged.  

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex:  Female
Age:  4 to 6 yo
Weight:  53 lbs
Color: Blue brindle & White

Health Condition:

When Penelope was taken into our program last year she was treated for minor skin issues and received extensive dental work. Because she had been neglected and malnourished, some of her teeth aged prematurely and had to be removed. Her front teeth gone doesn't affect her what's so ever. She is just relieved to not suffer anymore. It has definitely changed her personality and brought a big "toothless" smile to her face! 

Penny's owner report that Penny has no medical conditions beyond a little anxiety in new situations. 

Physical Appearance: 

Penny is a beautiful blue brindle and white American Bull Terrier Mix. 53lbs. and Vet estimates about 5 years old

Living Situation:  

From the current owner: "We are not a foster home, so I'll describe her living situation. We live in a tristory condominium. She is walked three times a day for the most part, morning, afternoon and after dinner, before bed. We got her a harness, as she does like to pull when excited, and she was gagging herself with just the collar. 

At night, she sleeps either in my oldest daughters room on her bed with her, or in my room with my husband and I in her doggie bed by the side of our bed. 

She loves to go to Petsmart, and we have taken her to a couple of small festivals where dogs were allowed. She did fantastic. She likes the car, but she prefers to see out and will put her head between the driver and passenger.



Penelope has blossomed both physically and mentally since her medical needs were resolved last year. She is so much happier now and we actually had to re-estimate her age as younger than we previously thought. 


She is an outgoing, silly, fun-loving gal who so appreciates being pampered like a princess.


Penny loves nothing more than roll on her back next to her loved-ones and wiggle her joy to be loved. We actually have to hold her still on the couch or her she'll wiggle herself off. She's very silly and comical. 


Penny's level of energy is medium-low. She can get enthusiastic zoomies but it never last long. She'll soon get back into couch-potato mode and be happy to hang out quietly with everyone. Overall, she's a very typical happy-go-lucky Pit Bull, easy-going and easy to handle. She truly loves relaxing and cuddling up. She takes full advantage of getting all the loving she can get when someone has time for her.

Owner's report: "She sometimes has a bit of anxiety but only in "new" situations or situations that change on her. For example: I use pet sitters in our own home when we have to be away. She may experience a brief bout of anxiety if say, you boarded her, as she is not used to that. She did not exhibit anxiety when she came to us from her foster family. However, we tried to keep her living situation very similar to what she was used to in foster care to make that transition easier. Right now, we do not use the kennel, and she is not a big fan of it. She will do anything to not go in that kennel. We give her free rain of the house, and she does fine. She does not chew on anything that isn't hers, and she does not go to the bathroom inside. She does not scratch at doors or have any destructive behaviors."

​​​Behavior with people: 

Penny loves meeting new people! She will approach them in a hind end up, belly on the ground crawl, and then roll over on her back for belly rubs when she gets close. She does the same in front of other dogs.


Penny enjoys spending time with everyone she meets but she seems particularly fond of men. In fact, she might get a little silly happy when a guy gives her attention. She's quite funny about it.  That said, she's great with women too and hasn't met anyone she didn't like really. 

Behavior with children:  

Owner's report: "I have not seen Penny around young kids, but I have middle school kiddo and high school, along with all of their friends coming and going. Penny hasn't met a stranger yet. (I think she has a secret crush for the electrician though) ha! She loves her trips to Petsmart, and is great with kids there as well."


Behavior with other dogs:  

We were told Penny had been around other dogs prior to coming to MPR. She was part of a playgroup and did well. That said, Penelope is not fond of sharing her stuff. She could get a little attitude over bones or toys for example.  

When on outings, Penny greets all dogs submissively. However, if the other dog shows aggression, she will bark at them in return and give them her mean bark. Otherwise she does the typical doggie behaviors of getting to know one another... sniffing, etc. When on walks, she pretty much ignores other walkers unless they stop to talk to mom. Then she will do her sniffing and go back to her business.


So basically her behavior when meeting new dogs depends on the other dog. If one is challenging, she will stand her ground.

Note that Penny currently lives with 2 cats but no other dog and she is not missing out on a doggy-friend. If placed with another pet, it would have to be a very laid-back male who will let her be the queen. Anything Penny perceives as hers; toys, food, the couch, someone's lap, ect" she will probably guard against the other dog.    

Behavior with other animals:  

Penny lives with a couple cats and does very well. 

Owner's report: "I would say Penny has a low prey drive. We introduced our two cats to her and she would want to sniff but they would run away. (We blocked off our stairs so they could run if they wanted but she couldn't follow). When they would dash by her, she would take a couple of playful starts after them but then would stop and return to what she was doing. After a couple of months the cats got braver and now she really doesn't pay much attention to them.  Outside she completely ignores squirrels, other cats, small animals etc."


Owner's report: "Penny came to us completely housebroken. We had one ordeal with doing #2 in the house when her anxiety flared up, but that only lasted a few times. If there was an accident, it was completely our fault. She loves a routine and you can almost set you clock by it.


Penny sits, and stays. She gives her paws (both of them, one at a time) and she has learned to dance (spin in a circle for her treat). When she is fed, she is told to "sit", "stay". We fill her bowl, her water, and then she waits patiently until told to "go get it".  We've even been able to walk out of the room, and she's still sitting and staring intently at her bowl waiting for that command."

Best Attribute:   

She has a huge heart. Hard life before her rescue did not affect her love for people. Quite the contrary. She knows a good thing when she gets it and is very grateful and absolutely loves attention. She wants some part of her body touching you at all times.... Even if it's just a paw. She can be persistent. ha! She is VERY low key. She is not hyper at all. Once in a while she gets what I call "the zoomies", but that's just a build up of a little energy and she wants to play. A few minutes of rope or ball, and she's had enough. She loves to snuggle and cuddle. Nothing makes Penelope happier than being able to express her love for someone and to receive love back. This very sweet girl will thrive in a home in which she has a ton of human contact. 

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