Pete the Pup was a character in The Little Rascals during. Otherwise known as "Pete, the Dog With the Ring Around His Eye", or simply "Petey."  This little girl has a similar look and sweet face and so she was named Peeta.


Background Info:


Peeta was picked up by animal control after a good samaritan noticed her in a neighboring yard. MPR brought her into their foster program where she can feel safe and learn how to be a happy dog.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs 
Weight:  25-30 lbs 
Color:  White & Brindle 

Health Condition:

Peeta is heartworm positive and is scheduled to start treatment soon.


Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for her care. 


Living Situation:  

Peeta behaves perfectly if your idea of perfect is a calm, relaxed cuddler. Her foster mom is working hard to socialize her so that she isn't so timid around new people and feels comfortable being playful. Peeta does great on a leash, lays down calmly on car rides, and sleeps on a comfy dog bed in her foster mom's bedroom at night. When no one's home, Peeta goes in her kennel which she is okay with (but of course, would prefer otherwise). Peeta is slowly coming out of her shell and letting her foster family see her personality, which is that of a fun-loving, snuggly, silly young pup. She has a favorite spot on the couch when it's people time. When it's dog time and she gets to play with her foster brothers, that's when she really shines. She frolics around the backyard and wags her tail in pure excitement when she gets to spend time with other dogs. Her foster family insists that she finds a home with a playful brother who she can learn from - she is definitely submissive and follows strong leadership, so a compatible male will be ideal!



Peeta came into foster care extremely timid and nervous to disappoint. She is quickly warming up to her foster parents and learning how to enjoy the good life. We think she has been a pet at some point and is mostly housetrained - she has had a few random accidents but is almost 100% there! Peeta is goofy when she's around other dogs but stays pretty calm and cuddly when it's only her and her foster parents. She might be timid in a new home so she will require a family that understands her shyness at first, but ultimately, she will warm up to her silly self.


Behavior with people: 

Peeta has met a few new human friends and is always well-behaved but very shy at first. She eventually warms up to them but is not outgoing at first.


Behavior with children:  

Peeta hasn't been around young children but her foster mom doesn't imagine it would be a problem - she is too small to be offensive and is so gentle with people that we think she'd be a great family pet.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Peeta comes alive with other dogs and shows her true self when in the company of a playful companion. Her foster mom hopes that she finds the perfect brother to lead her around because that is when she is her happiest!

Behavior with other animals:  

Peeta has met several cats and had no reaction to them - we think she could live in a home with other animals without issue.


Peeta is housebroken (almost), crate trained, and is working on simple commands.

Best Attribute:   

Peeta is incredibly loving and sweet once she opens up to you - she has so many quirky personality traits that are coming out now that she feels safe in her foster home! We think she will always be a little timid with new people but once you give her some time to warm up, she is so well-behaved and easy-going. She isn't very high-energy but when it's time to play outside, she takes advantage of the chance to do those famous pit bull butt runs! She's a great mix of playful and cuddly and will make a perfect family pet!

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