Parker is named after Hyde Park, the historic Kansas City neighborhood where he was found.

Parker roamed the neighborhood of Hyde Park, KC as a stray for at least several weeks until he eventually found a cozy bench to try and keep warm. Lucky for Parker, the bench belonged to a good Samaritan who was able to catch him and get him.

Breed: Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-4 years
Weight:  60 lbs.
Color:  Gold
Good with dogs:  Possibly
Good with cats:  Unknown

Living Situation:  

Parker is currently living in a foster home where he is learning to socialize, play with toys, and get lots of belly rubs! Parker keeps his kennel clean and his bed tidy.

​​​Behavior with people:  

Enduring the harsh Kansas City streets is not a piece of cake for homeless dogs. We can only imagine the fear and the abuse he had to endure during his ordeal.  You can tell he wants to love people and to be loved. He is quickly learning to trust again and to enjoy the company of people. In fact, he’s quite the cuddler and already turning into an irresistible lady’s man. Still a little reserved with men, but eager to get to know them.  His sweet and loving personality, which is blossoming every day, continues to surprise us. He’s such a trouper! We really think Parker was born a friendly and outgoing dog, but his trial in the street forced him to become distrustful and reserved. It’s just a matter of time before he is back to his happy-go-lucky self. You can see the relief in his eyes.


Behavior with children:  

Parker has met some children already and did very well. A little timid still, but soft and gentle. However, because of his difficult experience as a stray, we are looking for a mature home for him for the time being.


Behavior with other dogs:  

We know that Parker did interact with some other dogs in the neighborhood before he was caught. He was not aggressive or dominant. He actually seemed either to make doggy friends. He hasn't been introduced to any other dogs since arriving, but shows positive signs indicating he could live with a compatible female..


Behavior with other animals:  




Parker keeps his kennel clean and appears to be housebroken. Even before getting neutered he was not marking inside. He’s also nondestructive with blankets and toys. He seems to have great manners in general, but tend to “talk” in his kennel to remind us of his presence. He’s just very eager to spend time with people.


Parker is eager to please for the most part and has already learned sit for a treat. He’s not too thrilled to go back in his kennel but is not difficult about it. He seems to be quickly mastering the art of the sad puppy-eyes though. He’s very hard to resist…

Best Attribute:  

His sweet demeanor! Even when he was afraid and starving, roaming the neighborhood, his sweet demeanor still shone through. We think this is why so many concerned Hyde Parkers followed his story and expressed concern for his safety. We're so happy that Parker won't have to be outdoors alone as temperatures drop! He’s loving every minute he can spend cuddling and has already started playing with toys. This beautiful golden boy is turning into a real Don Juan and we think he’s going to melt a lot of hearts in his life.

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