Paddington is a kind-hearted bear. He has an endless capacity for innocently getting into trouble, but he is known to "try so hard to get things right." He claims, "I came all the way in a lifeboat, and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade."
We don't know under what circumstances Paddy landed at the pound, but this is where we found this stunning dog, rubbing against the cage, trying to charm everyone that walked by. The staff was very taken by him and hoped MPR would choose him to be part of our program. It was not a hard-sale... The dog is not only stunning
ID Number: #24848699
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1 to 3 years old
Weight: 65 to 75 lbs.
Color: Golden tan
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats: Probably not
Foster Situation: Paddy is fostered in a home with two other dogs. They have not been introduced yet. There is no animosity through the crates and gates, but the resident are older and not really interested in making a new friend. 

Personality: Paddy is quite the goofball! This stunning head-turner is learning good manners with his foster dad and has made a ton of progress. He is responsive and eager to please.

Paddy is a big boy and he is very strong! He can be rambunctious at times, but always in good spirit. This is a dog full of potential for the right owner. He will do best with someone experienced with strong, powerful dogs, and who can provide confident and positive leadership, as well as a structured environment.

Paddy thrives on attention and his eagerness to interact with people makes him an excellent candidate for dog-training. He could even become a working dog or high-level obedience dog. 

Though pretty easy-going most of the time, Paddy benefits from a large fenced yard where he can do a good 20 minutes of "zoomies" everyday. After that he is calmer and well behaved. 

Behavior with people: A happy clown, always in a good mood. He is very outgoing and eager to make friends. He does have a protective side to him if he feels his loved-ones are in danger. He will get his cue on your behavior, however. If you welcome a friend, so will he! 

Playing is Paddy's favorite activity but once he's had a chance to run-off some steam, he can become very chilled and cuddly. He sure can't get enough belly rubs. Show him the ball though, and he's ready to play!

Behavior with kids: Paddy has not been around kids since being with us. He is a confident and outgoing dog, so we don't anticipate any problems with older, bigger children. For the time being though, he's too strong and puppyish to be in a home with small kids.

Behavior with dogs: Paddington has not been introduced to other dogs. He seems quite dominant and will probably not back down from a challenge. He will not be placed in a home with another male. He might possibly be able to live with a compatible female in the right home but we believe he would do best as an only pet. 

Training: Paddy had little training when he arrived, but he is quickly learning. He's a sharp and alert dog, and very treat motivated. He has aced basic commands in a heartbeat and continues to learn. Volunteers love working with him because he thrives on interaction with people.

Best Attribute: Paddy is as fun-loving as he is good looking, so that says a lot about his personality. He is what we call a "guy's dog" due to his strength and powerful personalty, but he is a ladies man too.
Paddington's Bully Hero is
Amy Jo Zager!
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