Odie is the lovable, seemingly dopey, kind dog, who is Garfield's best friend. Although Garfield says that he is dumb, Odie can be relatively smart on occasion. Garfield once described him as "honest, true blue, and decent." He is constantly panting with his very large tongue.

Background Info:


Odie never knew the good life. He came from a difficult situation, filled with neglect and lack of care. Amazingly, the hard life didn't break his positive spirit and loving nature. We bailed this lovable goof out from the pound and promised him a complete turn-around. He's soaking it up! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AM Bulldog Mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-5 yrs
Weight:  60-70, Gaining
Color:  White

Health Condition:

Odie was very thin when first rescued but her has gained weight nicely and looks much better now. His coat is becoming much healthier and he's developing a nice muscular shape. 


Physical Description:  

Stocky boy with huge feet and big-bones.


It's possible that Odie has a minor birth defect or maybe a very old injury that left him with either a slight malformation of the mouth or perhaps a mild paralyses of his face's left side. It doesn't affect him what-so-ever but his tongue tends to stick out side ways, which gives him the most comical appearance.  As if the dog didn't act like a clown already, he definitely looks the part too with that big ol' tongue hanging out. He is HILARIOUS! 


Living Situation:  

Odie is living-it-up at MPR shelter. He does well in his kennel and keeps it clean. He's quiet for the most part and doesn't cause any trouble. 



OMG! What a clown! If you need entertainment in your life, you have got to meet Odie. He is such a goofball! In addition to having a very fun-loving personalty, he's got that silly tongue hanging on the side that is sooooo endearing. We just love that big goober. 

Odie's energy level is medium to chill. He's not super athletic but he's in good shape. 

His temperament is right in the middle; not dominant but not meek either. 

Behavior with people: 

A lovably clown. The dog has no malice. He's sweet and loving and loves to goof around. Great companion with a rock-steady disposition. 


Behavior with children:  

Odie hasn't been introduced to children since being in our program but we cant imagine him not loving a house full of kids. He's such a kid himself. He's a big dog but not overly rambunctious. He's lively though and loves to be in the middle of the action with everyone. Overall the dog is very easy-going and easy to please. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Odie spent time playing with other dogs before arriving at our shelter and was described as "sociable". We think he would enjoy sharing a home with a compatible fun-loving female. 


Behavior with other animals:  




Very little training but he's learning. Odie is naturally easy and doesn't seem to be the kind to cause problems. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he is by no mean a dumb dog. Just maybe not the best candidate for police work. He'd make a great clown in a circus though ;-) 

Best Attribute:   

That tongue! It's impossible to keep a straight face with that dog around. He's funny as heck and he knows it. Odie is not offended at all when people crack-up when they see him. He loves a good laugh too! 

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