A new beginning...

Neo was found as part of a cruelty case. When he came to MPR he was grossly underweight, had scars on his head and body and was very scared.


'Neo" means "new" in many languages. And a new life is exactly what has happened to him since being with MPR. We are helping him write a new story of how to live like a loved dog should live!


Now Neo is hoping that you are his fairy"tail" ending! 

ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1 to 2 y/o
Weight:  50 to 60 Lbs
Color: Blue Brindle
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  Yes

Health Condition: 

Since coming into our program, Neo successfully completed a heartworm treatment. He now has a healthy heart and lungs, full of love to share. However, Neo was recently diagnosed with a luxating patella. While the condition has not stopped him from enjoying life, a surgery to repair the luxation has been scheduled in June. Please don’t let this little set-back rule out Neo as potential companion. All surgery expenses are paid for by MPR so a potential adopter doesn’t need to worry about it. Neo will have limited activity for a few weeks, but our vet assured us it will be a relatively quick recovery and the prognostic is excellent. His time in convalesce from heartworm treatment helped his leg get plenty of rest so he really is a great candidate for a successful surgery.  

Even if you can’t adopt Neo, you can still help him by donating for his care.

Living Situation:  

Neo is loving foster life, especially cuddling on the couch with his foster dad and just getting to know how a dog’s life is supposed to be. Foster mom claims that he’s no trouble. There are 2 adult dogs in his foster home and three cats. While there are no children, the foster homes is visited by nieces and nephews.  Noe has access to a large fenced yard and does very well. He is crated when no one is home and more than happy to share a couch or be in the middle of the action with his foster family, 2-legged and 4 legged, the rest of the time.


Neo is a silly boy who just wants to be with the pack, whether the pack is people or animals. Cuddling on the couch getting an ear scratch, “helping” you in the yard, or playing fetch, you name it! He is a loving goofball who LOVES squeaky toys and Kong toys with peanut butter in them!

Neo’s level of energy is medium. Like all Pit Bulls he is active when it’s time to be but has no problem settling on the couch for a long movie night, having plopped himself in the middle of the family where he knows he belongs.

The little guy has a well-balanced personality. Responsive without being a push-over. He is eager to please, though sometimes pleasing himself takes priority. He’s quite funny about it and doesn’t cause any trouble. After all, if someone deserves to be treated little a little king is that little guy.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Neo has never met a stranger!  He seems to warm up instantly and wants nothing more than be loved. Everyone’s a friend and he can even be a little naïve about it. It’s actually great to see that he doesn’t hold a grudge considering the treatment he received at the hands of humans before his rescue. It’s all behind him now and he is absolutely convinced that people rock!


Behavior with children:  

There are no children in Neo’s foster home but he has met the  5 year old nieces , as well as the neighbors children, 3 and 8. He's great with children. No jumping, not in the kids' face and very gentle.  In fact, with the 3yr old he just rolled over so she could rub his belly. She couldn't stop giggling.


In all, we think Neo would do great in a home with kids and we don't anticipate any problems. He’s a sweet, loving dog, comfortable with people who seems to enjoy children just as much.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Neo is living with two adult Pit Bull dogs (male and female) and does great with them. Foster family took their time to introduce the dogs and everyone is very comfortable with one and another now. Neo seems enjoy the presence of other dogs so we think he would do well with a compatible female companion. Since he loves people so much though, he would probably be just as happy as an only pet. He’s not difficult and as long as he is loved, he’ll adapt to any lifestyle. 


Behavior with other animals: 

Neo lives with 3 cats and he is doing well with them. The interaction is supervised and Neo is crated when no one is home – While Neo doesn’t show aggression towards the cats, he had to learn these are not toys either! He does GREAT when the cats snuggle up next to him in foster dad’s recliner, even allowing them to groom his ear! When the cats run though, he wants to run and play too!! There is no prey drive; just a puppy wanting to join the fun! Dog-savvy cats should be ok with this, but if your cat isn’t fond of dogs, it might not necessarily appreciate Neo’s enthusiasm for a good chase game.



Foster mom tells us that Neo is very treat and praise motivated. They have started to work on basic commands and he’s doing great. Neo is crate trained and house-broken. He is an all-around well behaved little guy, though still young. He needs structure and leadership; nothing out of the ordinary for a young Pit Bull.  

Best Attribute:

The most amazing thing about Neo is that he still has unconditional love to give despite how he's been treated in his past.  His resilient heart is admirable and his love for people very refreshing. He’s an example to follow when you think life treats you unfairly. One look into his forgiving eyes and you are reminded to not sweat the small stuff.

Note that Neo’s coat was dull and missing hair when he came to us (as shown on some of the pictures) but he has metamorphosed into a real little hunk. He has the most gorgeous eyes and his blue brindle coat is quite striking. Overall, Neo’s good looks and awesome personality are not well reflected via pictures. We encourage anyone looking for a sweet little guy with an outgoing disposition and medium size built to meet him in person.

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