Neera is an Iguanodon from Disney's film Dinosaur. Neera is conflicted after the loss of her brother but she is very brave, caring and helps the weak. She is the only dinosaur who turns back to help two exhausted orphans. 

Background Info:


Not all superheros wear capes! This brave momma dog certainly deserves a trophy for resilience, love and perseverance! This sweet girl is a rockstar!


Neera and her large companion Aladar were found as strays in a bad part of town in mid September. We dont know if they were deliberately abandoned or if they escaped someone's yard and were never claimed.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull / Mastiff Mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  10-24 mths 
Weight: 65+ lbs
Color:  Blue

What we do know though, or found rather quickly, is that Neera was very pregnant at the time.

Her young age, a life of neglect and the lack of important prenatal care left her unprepared for pregnancy and nursing.  To make matter worse, her weakened immune system exposed her to dangerous viruses and she contracted a serious case of upper respiratory infection from her short stay at the pound .


When approached to help her, we were told this was going to be a very challenging situation and to brace ourselves for impact. We immediately moved Neera to our foster home with the most medical experience and contacted our vet, Dr. Roberts at the Northland Animal Hospital,  who has been wonderful in assisting with this difficult situation. 

On September 25th, Neera delivered her puppies. We're calling the little family "Dinosaurs" based on the Disney movie. Please visit the puppies page for more info.

Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for her care.

Health Condition:

Neera is currently recovering in her foster home from a serious Upper Respiratory Infection, while caring for her 7 newborn puppies.  

Due to her weak condition, the last two puppies were born via c-section and had to be revived. We are keeping a close eye on the little family but so far so good. We expect the puppies to be ready for adoption at the end of November if all goes well and mom by early December. 

Update: Mid October. The little family is doing well. Neera is back on her feet, nursing and she and the puppies are healthy.


Physical Description:  

Neera is most likely a Pit Bull Mastiff mix, or possibly an American Bulldog mix. She is not quite as large as her companion Aladar but she is bigger than a Pit Bull. She's a thick girl with a beautiful velvety blue coat. We will have better pictures of her soon.


Living Situation:  

Neera is currently fostered in a home with medical experience and recuperating from her ordeal. Her foster mom is fully committed to her care. Neera and puppies are set her up in the home office where foster mom has been spending the night as well, in order to keep an eye on the little family 24/7. 

There are other dogs in the foster home. Neera has been introduced to the male. 

Neera enjoys the large fenced yard and loves to sunbathe outside when she takes short nursing breaks. She is still very weak and hasn't done much yet, other than try to get back on her feet, give birth and now nurse. 



We have only known a very sick and exhausted Neera so far. We are looking forward to getting to know the sweet healthy girl we will when back on her feet. 

Neera has been very loving to her foster mom, having no problems sharing puppy duties with her. Grandma helps too :-) Neera is a little more protective of her pups with the man in the house but is learning to trust him as well. She barely knew her foster family when she gave birth so we dont blame her for being unsure right now. She has been through ALOT in the last few weeks. 

We will update her bio once we know her more. 

Behavior with people: 

Info coming soon


Behavior with children:  

nfo coming soon


Behavior with other dogs:  

We know that Neera lived with a large male named Aladar but otherwise, we dont know how she does with other dogs yet. She's been too weak to be reactive at the sight of the dogs in her foster home but she does appear to have a laid back personality. We will update her bio soon. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown or info coming soon



Info coming soon

Best Attribute:   

Her strength, resilience, commitment to her puppies. This dog has given all she had for her little family with no second thoughts for her well being. She's an inspiration to all of us. 

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