The goddess of victory. To overcome hardships and adversity.
Naiki came to MPR after being rescued from the local pound last winter as an emaciated and scared but loving girl.  Since then, she has had both an ACL surgery and a hip surgery, which she is almost recovered from.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull mix
Sex:  F
Age:  1-3
Weight:  55 lbs
Color: White w/ brown freckles
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown

Living Situation:

Naiki has been transferred to foster care to hopefully ease her mind from the stresses of living in a shelter with so much action all the time.  She currently has two foster brothers but is kept separate from them.  She seems to prefer being an only child so her foster mom keeps the resident dogs upstairs while Naiki has free reign of the downstairs.  She is completely housebroken and kennel trained, although she is not destructive at all so she only has to be in the kennel when her foster brothers need to go outside.  A normal day for Naiki includes lots of lounging around, although it's clear that when her hip is healed, she will be a great jogging buddy.



She is super sweet and loving - always giving kisses and wanting to be near her favorite human friends.  In the week that she's been in our home, she has gained a lot of confidence and doesn't need to follow us around everywhere quite as much (although being close to people is still her favorite place to be).  She has started to want to protect the house and will bark when someone's at the door but quickly calms down.  She is scared of thunderstorms but cuddling her helps - she just waits it out, panting patiently.

Behavior with people: 

Give her a few minutes to warm up and she’s a real sweetheart. Very loving, cuddly and with a playful side too. She’ll follow you around with adoring eyes, a huge pittie grin, and will always be thrilled to be invited on the couch for a cuddle. We believe Naiki will bond very strongly with her loved-ones and be a loyal and dedicated companion, who’d give her life for those she loves.


Behavior with children: 

We haven't had Naiki around children but she is very light on her feet and gentle in general so I assume she wouldn't be too overbearing for kids.  I imagine she'd be happiest in an active family home with plenty of attention dedicated just to her!


Behavior with other dogs: 

Naiki is reactive to her foster brothers and would likely do best in a home where she is the only pet.  


Behavior with other animals: 

No cats, please.



Naiki knows sit, stay, go, down.  Once her hip is healed, we will work on leash training but I have a feeling she'll do great!


Best Attribute: 

She is so EASY!  As long as you are in her vicinity, she will stay calm and let you go about your business.  She is incredibly eager to please and will trade a toy for a belly rub any day.  She is super well-behaved and hasn't caused any problems in our home. She doesn't beg for dinner, she doesn't destroy the house...what more could a foster mom ask for?!

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