The Missouri Mavericks are proud to be Kansas City's only professional hockey team.
Pulled from the local shelter.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  15-18 weeks
Weight:  Growing
Color: Blue fawn brindle
Good with dogs:  Yes with exceptions
Good with cats:  Yes

​Living Situation: Maverick is currently fostered in a home with two foster siblings. He enjoys a good run in the back yard, as well as laying on the couch enjoying a nice bone. He is kenneled during the day while at work & at night. He rotates sleeping in the bed with the other two foster siblings.

The ideal living situation for Maverick could be with another dog, as long as he is fed separately & doesn't have other dogs trying to steal his bone out from under him.


Personality: Maverick is a pretty outgoing dog once he gets out of his shell. He has a very silly personality & is always making everyone laugh. He is pretty high energy, which is expected from a puppy. He can be pretty dominant as he does resource guard (food & bones) from other dogs.


Behavior with people:  He loves everyone & is ready to greet them all with kisses.


Behavior with children: He is great with children.


Behavior with other dogs:  He can be pretty dominant so it would take a pretty submissive female to live with him. He will have to be fed separately from other animals & will have to be with a dog who won't try to take his bone(s) out from under him.


Behavior with other animals:  Maverick has been introduced to cats, he does well with them. He loves when they actually play back with him.


Training:  We are working on potty training.


Best Attribute:  He's a cute little guy that will give you plenty of laughs.

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