Master Po Ping 

The title character and protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Po is friendly, kind, energetic, impulsive, good-natured, spunky, innocent, fun-loving, compassionate, sarcastic, naive, loveable, and tenacious.

Background Info:


Po Ping recently lost his home due to conflicts with other male dogs. The owner tried to make it work but wasn't successful. Po was purchased from an American Bully breeder when he was 8 weeks old and raised by a young woman. His breed strain is called "Blue Tri Bully". He was to be a show dog, hence the cropped ears.

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  American Bully
Sex:  Male
Age:  4-6 yrs
Weight:  65-75 lbs
Color:  White & Blue


Health Condition:

We are treating a mild skin infection, possibly caused by seasonal allergies or reaction to grass or chiggers. Nothing serious. Po is otherwise healthy and ready for adoption. 

Physical Description:  

He's a head-turner, no doubt about it. Mostly white with some blue and tan patches. Very stocky and bulky. He could lose a few pounds as too much time in a crate while having to be separate from other dogs had him gain a little weight. 

Living Situation:  

Po is fostered in a home with a single woman and an older female dog. The dogs are kept in separate areas of the house and will likely not be introduced. Po is free in a large basement with a bed and couch and is very well behaved. Foster mom brings him upstairs for social time and doesn't report any issues whats so ever. She says that he is as easy as can be and just a big happy baby.



He's a very chill, happy-go-lucky dog who loves to play with toys and just go about his daily business. Po doesn't sweat the small stuff and is very adaptable, He's been through quite a bit of changes in his life and has taken everything in stride.


Po has the cutest smile/grin when you talk to him. It looks scary if you dont know dogs but for the rest of us, its hilarious and endearing. He sure knows how to win hearts.

Po's level of energy is medium/low. He'd love a big back yard for occasional zoomies but would be just as happy with someone who'd take him on walks as a mean of exercise. He's very easy to please.


Foster mom will update his bio once she knows him better but he might not even be in the program long enough for that. The dog has all the great qualities expected in the breed.

Info from previous owner: "Po grew up with me when I was training horses and went everywhere with me so he’s a "been there, done that" kinda guy. FULL of personality and loves to be spoiled and the center of attention. He is very protective of his people and place. Never bit anyone but will definitely intimidate you if you don’t know him and hear or see him barking at the door or gate. But then again, it is partially just his looks too. He loves almost everyone he meets and they can’t help but love him too. He’s gotten into the bad habit of being pushy for attention because he’s been allowed to for awhile now. Not aggressive just demanding." 

Behavior with people: 

Outgoing and friendly boy, but has a protective side. He prefers women but warms up to friendly men. Po requires a structured environment and responsible ownership.


Behavior with children:  



Behavior with other dogs:  

We think Po would be more successful as an only pet. We dont know how he would do with another female but we know  he doesn't get along with other males. He's dominant and arrogant with other dogs. We recommend a home as an only pet for this Don Juan.


Behavior with other animals:  

Previous owner told us that he was good with horses and cattles but not with chickens or cats. 


According to previous owner, Po knows hand and verbal signals for all basic commands. Foster mom will update his bio with more info soon.

Best Attribute:   

Po is gorgeous, well behaved and easy-to-handle. He knows tricks and has great house manners. What more could you ask for?

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