A sweet jelly with pieces of fruit and rind...
Marmalade was rescued by MPR in 2012 and placed in a loving home a few months later. Unfortunate events led to the owner having to give her up her pets recently, so Marmy is once again looking for a caring home. 
Marmalade has SRMA (steroid responsive meningitis arteritis), which has been managed in her foster home with steroids.  Since her time in foster care, she has stopped taking her steroids as her symptoms have improved.  She is currently up and moving around without difficulty.  Follow-up care with veterinarian will be incredibly important in her forever home.
ID Number: #28213011
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: French Mastiff/Pit Bull mix
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 3 to 4 years old
Color: Golden Red
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Possibly

Living Situation:

Marmy is currently in foster care in an apartment in North Kansas City, and has really taken to city living!  Marmalade spends the majority of her day curled up on the couch close to her foster parents.  In the later parts of the evening, Marmalade loves to go on car rides or to take a brief walk around the neighborhood.  Marmy seems to wear out on walks pretty quickly, so most of the walks are brief jaunts around the block.

When Marmy is ready for bed, if you're willing, Marmy will try to cuddle up next to you to fall asleep on the couch or on the bed.  Marmy is easy to please, though.  If you need your space, Marmy falls right to sleep in her kennel without any fuss.



Marmy is a sweet, loving, and cuddly friend. Her favorite activities are pulling up a seat on the couch next to her foster parents to just sit back and relax. Although she does enjoy an occasional time of getting out and running around a bit, she seems most at ease inside when she can take a nap at a moments notice. Marmy is very inquisitive and generally wants to be involved in what you are doing, whether that be food, computer work, or watching TV.  


Behavior with people: 

At her foster home, Marmy has the opportunity to meet neighbors all the time.  Marmy knows no stranger, and wants to meet everyone!  On walks, she will look up with longing eyes at the neighbor in the distance so she can go meet them.  


Behavior with children: 

Unknown at this point but she would most likely be fine with older children.


Behavior with other dogs: 

In Marmy's foster home, she has had the opportunity to be around other animals in the vicinity.  In general, Marmalade has met other animals with a stare and and a solid stance.  She has lived with other animals in the past but we believe that Marmalade would thrive in a home as an only pet, where she will be able to give you all the attention and love she has.


Behavior with other animals: 

No cats, please.



Marmy has received some basic training.  She has mastered some of the basic skills (eg. Sit, Crate, etc). She is an inquisitive dog and does well on the leash, but will often want to lead you in a direction of her choosing!  Barring some initial accidents while she was taking medication, Marmy has not had any bathroom issues in the home and takes to her crate incredibly well.


Best Attribute: 

According to her foster family, Marmy's best qualities are her cuddly, loving disposition.  If you let this dog into your heart, you'll have a loving shadow who is happiest when she just gets to lounge around the house with you. 

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