Means "king" in Arabic.
Malik could be a poster child for what it often means to dogs when they lose their home. He was found as a stray, freezing, emaciated, infested with parasites and totally heartbroken. The intake exam at the pound revealed that he was neutered and microchipped. The original owner was contacted but she explained she had given him away a year ago. God only knows what happened to this poor dog after losing his home, but obviously, it wasn’t good.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:   Young
Weight:  Underweight
Color: Blue with White
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Malik was emaciated when he was rescued from his predicament, but he's now back on his feet and looking awesome. Malik is healthy, has a great coat and does not appear to have suffer any long term consequence from his ordeal. 

Living Situation:  

Malik has settled into life at the shelter, which is infinitely better than where ever he might have end up after losing his home. He isn't too sure about all the noise from the other dogs and would much rather be snuggled on the couch with a volunteer where he feels safe than alone in his kennel, but like so many dogs that come to us, he is adjusting ad trying to be a trouper. 


Malik is so sweet and gentle. It is obvious that he doesn't understand how he ended up where he is and all he wants is to be able to love someone forever. We are still getting to know him as he comes out of his shell but so far, he is a real gem. He seems to be more of a cuddler than a ball player. He is very easy going, gentle and well behaved.  

​​​Behavior with people: 

He is a real people pleaser, as long as pleasing you includes sitting on your lap and staring at you lovingly. Very affectionate dog who loves nothing more than share the love with everyone he meets. He’s slightly reserved when he first meet someone, but that doesn’t last long at all. He just needs to know for sure no one wants to hurt him. Then he’s all cuddles and kisses.


Behavior with children: 

He’s a real sweetheart but because he’s a little sensitive, we think a home with older kids would suit his personality better than toddlers.


Behavior with other dogs: 

He hasn’t been introduced to other dogs since being with us. He seems rather uncomfortable with all the barking and chaos at the shelter. Doesn’t try to approach other dogs in the kennels to make friends. Seems more eager to by-pass the kennel area and hurry to the couch where he can cuddle with a volunteer in piece. Perhaps he could live with a friendly and soft female, but he would thrive as an only pet was well.


Behavior with other animals: 




Malik keeps his kennel clean and listens very well. We have no doubts that once he feels better, he will be very eager to show us what a good smart boy he is. Seems obvious that he was a pet at some point in his life and he acts like a gentleman.

Best Attribute:  

We don't know how many humans treated him unfairly but Malik has forgiven. He has so much love to give and no ill feeling in his heart. This dog is a treasure and as good looking as his is soft and loving.  

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