Lumi means snow in Finnish. "As long as you love me so, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

Background Info:


Lumi was brought to the city pound by heartless people who claimed they found her as a stray. After some research online we found out she was actually their personal dog. They got rid of her because she did not get along with another female in the house. Her name used to be Athena  (she is now getting used to being called Lumi).  Being dumped by her loved-ones was extremely hard on this sweet girl, but she is slowly accepting her fate. She longs for a home of her own though. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Dogo Argentino
Sex:  Female
Age:  12 to 18  mths
Weight:  70+ lbs
Color:  White

Health Condition:

Lumi is healthy but she is either hard of hearing or partially deaf. It doesn't affect her sweet disposition and good manners. 


Physical Description:  

Being a Dogo Argentino, Lumi is taller than a regular sized Pit Bull. She has a slender shape and graceful appearance. 


Living Situation:  

Lumi is currently staying at MPR shelter. She was struggling with the chaos of the city pound but seems relieved to be in a much calmer environment now.  

She is great in her kennel; keeps it clean and is quiet. She loves to sleep on the top of her bunk-bed and patiently waits for her turn to be out with a volunteer. 



Unbelievably sweet! We must stress how loving and affectionate this darling dog is. She is actually very needy for attention and will do everything she can for snuggles and cuddles. She's quite large but that doesn't stop her from climbing on your lap and hugging you with all her might. 

Dont apply if you are looking for an independent dog! 

Lumi knows no strangers and the volunteers are amazed by her incredibly sweet nature. We cant get anything done when  Lumi is out, as all we want to do is cuddle with her with her on the couch. She's THE best at cuddling. 

Lumi's level of energy is hard to determine because of how desperate for love she is. We believe she is probably a medium energy dog who'll enjoy a good run in the yard but lunging on the couch is definitly a favorite for this sweetheart. We bet she would love to go on long walks. 

Lumi is more on the submissive side but she is not shy at all! Just sensitive. Because she is hard hearing, you need to make sure you have her visual attention but she listens very well when she understands what you want from her. 

Behavior with people: 

LOVING! Not a guard dog at all! Her size might be a deterrent but she'll want nothing more than cuddle with anyone who enters your home, friends or foes. She's the one who needs to be protected. A dog of such striking appearance could be a target for people with bad attentions. She should never be left outside alone. She would be miserable anyway. 


Behavior with children:  

She has not been around children since being with us but we dont think it would be a problem. Older kids are preferred because she is sensitive. A toddler could overwhelm her. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

There were two or three other dogs in her previous home. We know that she did well with the male but not the female. We dont know if she was responsible for the conflicts or if it was the other dog. 


Lumi was introduced to a male recently and did well with him as well. She doesn't strike us as needing doggy friends though. She is way more desperate for people's company.  We will not rule out a home with a compatible male dog but she would love to be the only 4-legged princess in the home. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Lumi was briefly introduced to a cat that was in a small cage while at the pound and didn't have a strong reaction. A home with a cat might be an option for her but we definitively cant say for sure. Dogo's are big-game hunting dogs and might have some prey drive. 



She knows the basics and has great house manners. She appears house broken, We dont know if she is crate-trained but she does well in a kennel at the shelter.  

Best Attribute:   

Her hugs are spectacular! She melts in your arms and snuggles her face into your neck. That alone, is priceless. Her sweet disposition and great manners are huge assets as well. 

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