Ludo is a gigantic beast in Labyrinth, whom Sarah found being tortured by goblins. After she rescued him, he became one of her traveling companions. Ludo looks monstrous, but has a gentle and playful nature, and is one of the few residents of the labyrinth who is not under Jareth's control.

Background Info:


The staff at the city shelter described this charming boy as a big lovable goober... They were right! We dont know how Mr Ludo lost his previous home and why he was never claimed when he landed at the pound but all we can think of is "their lost, our gain!".

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull/Bulldog mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  70+ lbs
Color:  White & Brindle

Health Condition:

Ludo spent most of his life almost blind due to a sever case of entropions. The dogs was miserable, in pain and could hardly see. He received a much needed surgery in September and his eyes are now completely healed. He is no longer experiencing pain and discomfort and has been enjoying discovering life with bright opened eyes. 

Physical Description:  

Quite large and might still be possibly growing a little bit. There might be some kind of American Bulldog in there or possibly Shar Pei. Ludo is a big boned, overgrown puppy with beautiful brindle patches.


Living Situation:  

Ludo is staying at MPR shelter, being a good boy and not causing any trouble. He does well in his kennel, is quiet and likes to keep himself entertained with a nylabone between volunteers' visits.


Ludo had a brief stay in a temporary foster home prior to coming to the shelter and we were told the only issue is that he needs a large, sturdy and secure crate when home alone.  He has some mild separation anxiety. Nothing major and he's actually improving quite a bit. He just needs to get the hang of a routine when in a new home and shouldn't have long term serious issues. Otherwise, foster home said he was very easy and a lot of fun to have around. 



Big lovable goober! Very sweet boy, easy going and easy to handle. He is a strong dog though and needs someone who can provide him with structure and leadership. Ludo is responsive and eager to please and very fun-loving. Just a big goofy clown who'd rather act like a silly lover-boy than a class nerd.  


Behavior with people: 

Friendly and comfortable with everyone. Happily greeting people with smiles and tail wags. He's a sweetheart, very eager to make friends.  Not much of a guard dog but his size should be a deterrent. Anyone who knows dogs will soon realize that the goofball really has no malice and is nothing but a gentle giant. 

Behavior with children:  

Unknown for sure, but we cant imagine any problem other than his size. And then again, he's not brutal by any means. He might actually do quite well in a home with older, responsible children.


Note that Ludo will happily take off exploring the world he waited so long to see if the front door is left opened so we want to make sure kids would be diligent in keeping him safe. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

We believe Ludo is more interested in making people friends than doggy friends. He might do better as an only pet or possibly with a compatible female as long as the owners understand bully breeds well and proceed with proper instructions and supervision. He did meet an older female Bulldog and was a little too much for her. He would probably do well with a younger female who likes to play as much as he does. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Ludo most likely has a prey drive. He met cats before and did somewhat "ok" but he did chase and caught a squirrel in his previous foster home. A home with no small pets is preferred. 


Not much training yet but he's easy. He does keep his kennel clean and hasn't been destroying his bedding. Crate training is in progress.

Best Attribute:   

Who doesn't love a silly clown who's always happy to meet people? Ludo is very easy to fall for and knows how to make friends quickly. And look at that face! 

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