Born deaf just like Lou Ferrigno, his hearing loss won't stop him from having a great and determined life full of strength. 
Lou and his siblings found themselves scared and homeless at the city pound, after the intact female of an irresponsible owner became accidentally pregnant. Or perhaps the litter was planned, but the owner quickly realised he would not be able to find a home for all the puppies. The little gang ended up in a cage in an overcrowded shelter, hoping for their chance like all the big dogs there. Though MPR was already busy trying to find homes for two other unwanted litters, we braced ourselves and made room for this little gang as well. 
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  Male (n)
Age: 12-14 weeks old 
Weight:  Growing
Color:  White with 1 blue eye
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Maybe

Living Situation:  

Lou and Powder reside in a foster home with two adults, two children (ages 7 & 9), four other dogs (males and females), and one grumpy old cat. Talk about socialization and a great start at life. The little guys could not have more exposure to the trials of a busy family life. There is another deaf dog in the house, a young adult who’s been trained to sign language, and the brothers are learning a lot from their older counterpart.

Lou and Powder live in a suburban neighborhood with a large fenced yard. In addition to sign language, they are learning housetraining, crate training, to respect boundaries and to figure out their place in an active family.


Lou is very outgoing, adventurous and eager to play. He has an incredibly sweet demeanor and enjoys playing with both his human siblings as well as the 4-legged ones. He also enjoys chewing on his toys and loves his Kong with peanut butter. ​Lou is not dominant but he’s not a coward either. He has a well-balanced disposition and stable nature.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Lou does great with everyone he meets. He’s outgoing, friendly and always in a good mood. People are a lot of fun to him and he has no problem making new friends. Not shy at all, but not too pushy either. He’s just a happy little guy who thrives in the company of people.

Behavior with children:  

Lou gets along great with the two children in his foster home (7 and 9). Like all puppies he gets a little mouthy at times but nothing abnormal for his age. Being an active foster home that specializes in puppies, the kids have definitely been around much worse.

We see no problem placing this little guy in a home with kids, provided the parents understand that the interaction of kids and dogs should always be supervised. In addition, because he is deaf, Lou can’t hear vocal cues if he’s playing too hard. The kids will need to learn to commutate with him via sign language as well.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Lou is great with the other dogs and submits very quickly to his older foster siblings. Dogs in his foster home range from 12 weeks old like him to 12 years old. Lou respects the older dogs and leaves the senior dog alone. He knows the younger dogs will play with him and he enjoys their company. He is great with his older malamute foster sibling Nikita, whom is alpha in the home. Lou can be placed in a home with a patient female or as the only dog.


Behavior with other animals:  

With a slow introduction, Lou may work in a home with cats. 



His foster mom is currently working with him and his brother on following hand signals and commands. He is catching on quickly and is very treat oriented.

Lou is kennel trained. He resides in his kennel when his foster mom is gone for work and does fairly well. He doesn’t have accidents often and does not destroy his bedding. He might whine a bit when he is first put in if he is not tired enough, but calms down after a few moments. He sleeps well through the night and takes long naps. Deaf dogs are known to sleep very hard.

Best Attribute:   

Lou is a very sweet boy who has a curious and outgoing personality. His disability doesn’t stop him from enjoying life. He would do great in a home that would welcome his energetic nature and have the patience a little guy like him requires.  We are looking for an adoptive family willing to continue hand signals training with him, so he grows into a well behaved and well-adjusted adult, despite his impairment.

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