Blue Lotus

Lotus flowers symbolize going gone through a hard time and coming out of it. The lotus starts in the muddy, dirty bottom of the pond but rises above to display an object of beauty. For many, a lotus represents a hard time in life that has been overcome.
We don’t know under what circumstances Lotus found herself in an overcrowded city pound, but this is where she was when we first met her. We were impressed not only with her beauty but with her great disposition as well. She appeared to have been neglected but the hard time she went through in life didn’t affect her temperament. She is a very positive, happy-go-lucky gal.
ID Number:  #
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex:  S Female
Age:  1 to 3 yo
Weight:  65Lbs +
Color: Blue Brindle
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats: N/A

LIVING SITUATION: Lotus is fostered in a home with other dogs and 3 roommates. There’s a lot of action in the house, friends coming over, doggy-play times, etc. She is getting great socialization and learning goods house manners. There is large yard with a tell fence. Lotus is crated when no one is home. 

PERSONALITY: Lotus is a very happy girl! She absolutely loves a good butt rub! She's very courageous, outgoing and not afraid of new situations. Foster mom claims that she has a fun-loving, goofy personality. Though very easy-going, she is always ready for a good time. 

BEHAVIOR WITH ADULTS: Lotus loves people and wants to be everybody's best friend! She is somewhat playful but not hyper. She loves to cuddle too and most of the time is on the mellow side. 

BEHAVIOR WITH KIDS: Lotus hasn't meet any children since being in our program. 

BEHAVIOR WITH OTHER DOGS: Lotus is currently being introduced to the dogs in her foster home. She is a big dog with a confident personality so the resident dogs need things to go slow in order to accept her. So far she is showing all the right signs and we believe she will be able to share her home with a compatible male. She would also do great as an only pet since she is so people-oriented. 


TRAINING: Lotus is pretty much housebroken and does well in her kennel for the most part (might whine a little bit if everyone is out in the house and she’s the only one in the crate). She is very motivated to learn and has started to pick up basic obedience.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: Lotus has the best smile that will melt your heart! She is a gorgeous girl with a muscular and big-boned body, and a huge head. Her pictures don’t do her justice.

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