Lorises are believed to ward off evil and be the gatekeepers for the heavens. Each person has a personal loris waiting for them in the afterlife.

Background Info:


Found as a stray and never claimed. Intake staff at the pound thought she was so awesome, they contacted MPR right away to come meet her. The rest is history

Health Condition:

Loris is up to date on vaccinated, spayed and ready for adoption. It's possible that Loris has sensitive skin but if so, it's not a serious issue. Her coat had a few spots of missing hair when she first arrived in our program but it might just have been the result of neglect. With proper food and a safe and comfortable environment, the hair is already growing back and she looks awesome. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  50-60 lbs
Color:  White & Tan

Physical Description:  

Loris is white with blue fawn markings. She has the best tan circles down her back. Her eyes are beautiful & soulful and full of expression. She is so easy to read :-)


Lolo is average size for a Pit Bull. He coat is super soft, which makes it even nicer for cuddling.


Loris has big webbed feet like a Lab and she loves water. 


Living Situation:  

Loris is good at the shelter. She keeps her kennel's blankies clean & uses her doggie door to potty. She likes water so much that we gave her her own little kiddy pool.

Here's what we know about Loris at the shelter: 

  • Well behaved in kennel (Quiet and patient)

  • Non-destructive with bedding

  • Keeps Kennel clean

  • Uses dog-door to potty in outdoor run


Loris came to us a little timid and unsure, though super sweet. She has recently been coming out of her shell big time. She's easy going, though a little desperate for cuddles.  Loris loves people and is very eager to find a family. Homeless life is definitly not her favorite thing. 


Lolo is now showing us that she also has a playful side. She loves toys and to goof around and of course she loves playing in the water. She is eager to please and knows some basic commands.

Predominant traits:

  • Easy going / Easy to handle

  • Well Balanced

  • Eager-to-please

Behavior with people: 

Loris is always happy to meet new volunteers and visitors. Her tail never stops wagging when we are playing with her and she always has a big happy smile in her face.

Loris is currently making great efforts to find a family to bond with. As a result, she is a little mouthy, which is a natural bonding behavior in canines. She is gentle but a little annoying in her eagerness to establish contact. We are certain this behavior will quickly disappear with leadership and once she has found her forever family. She just needs to be reassured she will never be abandoned again. Sweet Loris has a strong desire for connection. 


Behavior with children:  

See above. She's a real sweetheart and there's not a mean bone in her but she tends to use her mouth to establish contact right now. Toddlers might find this behavior unpleasant and will not have the adequate leadership to handle it. Unless the parents manage the interaction between the dog and kids appropriately, we think Loris might do better in a home with kids over 7yo. 

Note that we do not expect that behavior to last very long and be very difficult to correct. Overall, Loris is a very sweet and easy dog and has no malice what's so ever. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

She hasn't been introduced to other dogs since being in our program. We know that she was part of a play group when she was at the pound but we haven't seen her interaction with other dogs. At the shelter she is non reactive when dogs walk in front of her and she doesn't pay them attention when going in and out of her kennel. We think she would be happy in a home with a compatible male doggy friend or as an only pet provided she has enough attention from her humans.


Behavior with other animals:  

Loris has been briefly introduced to cats, and did well. She doesn't strike us as having a high prey drive but this behavior can not been guarantied. 



Loris knows basic manners and is eager to learn. Even when she is sitting and waiting for her treat, her tail never stops wagging on the floor. Loris knows sit, but she also thinks "peanut butter" means sit, smart girl. She is a very polite lady.

Best Attribute:   

Loris' sweet and polite personality will win you over. She loves every human she meets and is grateful for the attention & love she gets. While she enjoys nothing more than having your full attention, Loris understands that sometimes humans have to answer the phone or fold laundry & she will sit back & patiently wait for you to be done so that you can give her some cuddles. That said, she's way happier when she can share the love. While not overly needy, lets face it, Loris is not the most Independent dog either. Her heart is just too full of love and she's at her best when she can freely show you how much you mean to her. 

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