Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny is a Looney Tunes cartoon character portrayed as an anthropomorphic female rabbit. She is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend. 
Background Info:
Lola was seized by animal control for cruelty and was never picked up by her owners which is for the best. Despite a hard life, she's been nothing but super friendly with everyone.  

Health Condition:

Lola is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, healthy and ready for adoption!


Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age: 1 to 3 yrs
Weight:  50-55 lbs
Color:  Blue and White & Brindle

Living Situation:  

Lola is being fostered in a home with three large male dogs and one small female dog. There are two children ages 12 and 16 in her foster home. Lola is crated when home alone but she sleeps loose in the house at night. Lola is crate-trained and no trouble at all. She actually loves her crate and will lay in it on her own when door is open.


Lola has proven to be a lovely dog since her arrival in foster care. She loves people and really loves to play with other dogs. Lola did great in the car and is also great walking on a leash. She is crate-trained and has only had two accidents in the house (peed by the back door). She loves to snuggle on the couch. She comes when she is called. She knows how to sit.


I think Lola would do best in a home with a social male dog, She loves my dogs and she would also do fabulous in a home with children.

Lola is easy-going and eager to please. Her level of energy is low to medium although she has become a little more energetic as she started feeling better after having kennel cough. Overall, she is a great combo of playful and energetic when she is outside, but when it's time to relax she wants to be in your lap to cuddle.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Lola is outgoing and friendly with everyone she meets but also well behaved when greeting new friends. She is a people-dog and enjoys interacting with everyone alike. She doesn't seem to have any favorites. Everyone's a best friend.  


Behavior with children:  

She is so sweet and affectionate I can see her doing great with all ages of children. She does awesome with the teenager kids in her home and enjoys their company. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Lola plays with my big dogs and is very good about adjusting her play style with my older small dog. She is friendly through the fence with my neighbor's small dogs.


Behavior with other animals:  

Lola hasn't been officially tested with cats but I have seen no prey drive. A home with a cat might be possible for her.



Housebreaking is in progress but going very well.  Lolo is eager to please, receptive and easy to train. She's a gem!

Best Attribute:   

Her ears are hilarious, but her best quality is her snuggling. She's been a super easy foster dog who fit right in in my busy household. She has great manners and a ton of charm. 

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