Liberty Bell

Iconic symbol of American independence. Nelson Mandela once said: "The Liberty Bell is a very significant symbol for the entire democratic world." 
On this 4th of July weekend, we promised Liberty Bell that she will never suffer at the end of a chain again, alone, unloved, scared and hungry. Liberty has now been liberated from the hell she was kept in and will finally be given the chance to find a home worthy of the sweetheart she is.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  Adult
Weight:  60 to 70
Color: White & blue
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  N/A

Health Condition: 

Liberty was in bad shape when she arrived to our program but nothing serious. Mostly she was dirty, thin and depressed.  Her transformation has been amazing. Not only has she blossoming into a very good looking dog but she is one of the happiest, most cheerful dog in our program. All she needed was a bath, love and good care. 


Living Situation:

Liberty lives in foster care in a home in the country. She couldn't be any happier!  There are 3 other dogs in her foster home and sadly for her, not all resident dogs agree with her presence. She is kept separate from the older dogs, but allowed to play with the younger, more playful dog.

There is a large fenced yard in her foster home and Liberty loves to spend time outside. If not playing with a toy, the next best thing is to hang out in the garage with foster dad. You can often catch her sitting on the tractor or inspecting a tire. Her foster family thinks she is quite the funny lady and has only great things to say about her. ​


“Fun-loving clown” describes Libby to a tee. She's a very funny dog, with a happy, goofball personality. Somewhat clumsy; she knows she's hilarious too. She seems to like making people laugh. She is definitely very friendly, outgoing and gregarious.

​Libby has a ton of energy and will always find ways to entertain herself. Give her a toy and she'll play with it for hours. Of course, she would much rather have someone play with her, but she can amuse herself alone if no one has time for her. ​​Playing fetch or tug-or-war are her favorite games in the world.

Behavior with people: 

Libby loves everyone she meets; tall, short, men, women, kids, you name it; She is super outgoing and comfortable with all.  You can tell she is thrilled to discover what the good life is all about and has been enjoying every minute of since. People are fun to be around and the more the merrier, especially if they are willing to play with her. We think she would love an active family where she could be in the middle of the action with everyone.


Behavior with children: 

Foster mom describes Libby as a “Funny bull in a china shop”. We think she has the right personality for a family with older kids. In fact, we bet she would ace family life.

Behavior with other dogs: 

Libby would love to play with her foster siblings but unfortunately for her, they don’t feel the same way. The older dogs are simply not interested in making new friends, especially with a young, energetic gal like Libby. There’s a younger dog in the home that has a similar personality and the two get to play together occasionally. Roughhousing needs to be supervised though. Libby likes to play hard and not all dogs might feel the same. Foster mom explains that Libby is a little awkward and naïve when it comes to read dog cues. We believe that she could share her home with a friendly and playful young male who needs an active partner or she would do great as an only pet.  

Behavior with other animals: 

Seems pretty unfazed by wild animals. Not sure what she would do with cats. She might think a cat is a toy, which might not make the cat too happy.



Libby is housebroken and crate trained. She goes in her kennel well and waits for her turn to be out since she is kept separate from some of the dogs in her foster home. She knows basic commands such as sit, come, etv. She loves to go on walks and does well on leash for the most part. She might pull a little but nothing out of control. Long walks are actually very good for her and serve as a great outlet for her energy.  


Best Attribute: 

She’s a very pretty girl but we’d have to say her happy-personality is her best feature. She’s the embodiment of “fun-loving”. She is to happy alive and won’t miss a minute enjoying every bit of it. For a dog who’s been through such neglect before, to see the smile in her eyes is very uplifting.  Liberty has a real knack at making everyone happy around her just by being so expressive about her own happiness…

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