Turanga Leela

 Turanga Leela is a is spaceship captain and pilot from Futurama. She routinely saves the rest of the cast from disaster, but suffers extreme self doubt because she has only one eye and grew up as a bullied orphan. Despite her strong-willed nature, she often feels self-conscious about her distinctive appearance.

Background Info:

We are unsure of Leela's past but it doesn't sound very pleasant. She must have suffered a bad injury at one point that left her blind in one eye. She landed at the city pound somehow and the staff immediately brought her case to our attention, realizing that she needed the extra help MPR can provide to those hard-luck-case dogs. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  S Female
Age:  3 to 7
Weight:  50-60 Lbs
Color:  Blue fawn

Health Condition:

Although we don’t know the specific details of her prior circumstances, we know that she sustained an eye injury that left her blind in her right eye and that she was overbred. Our vet tells us that her eye is not painful, so surgical removal would be purely cosmetic at this point. 

But our poor Leela was not so lucky when it came to her internal injuries. Because of over breeding and then a traumatic c-section, Leela was left with a large amount of scar tissue around her stomach, uterus, bowel and bladder causing severe pain with elimination. And she also had a large uterine cyst causing her to be in heat continuously. 

After two surgeries, Leela is now pain free and doing quite well. Her digestive system is still sensitive as you can imagine. So no table scraps for her! And Leela will need to be on a GI diet and probiotics for the rest of her life to keep her system healthy. Both items can be purchased at local pet stores.

Physical Description:  

So she has a bad eye. Moving on. She's a delightful and funny-looking little lady, chubby and short, with cute little cropped ears and a silly smile. She's cuter in person than those pictures. It's hard to show her size from the photos, but she's a little thing with a big happy soul. 


Living Situation:  

Miss Leela is fostered in a home with two other dogs. She gets along well with the male but is kept separate from the resident female.


Leela has quickly realized that she will be treated with kindness from now on and it was a big relief to her. Leela is a goofball and a snuggle bug all in one tiny little package. She used to cry because she was in pain and now she only cries when she thinks she has lost her foster mom in the house! 

Leela’s favorite thing to do is to run circles in the yard as fast as she can and then collapse for a nap in the sun. She also loves to play fetch with her favorite green ball or her turtle toy. She is not destructive of anything but will chew on a bone for hours. Once she’s worn out, she’s up on the couch or the bed to snuggle as close as possible to a loved-one if she can. And she snores!

Leela is doing well on a regular leash with walking. No pulling or darting. She rides well in a car, though you do have to help her in and out if it’s too high! 

Leela has kept her crate clean all night and 8-9 hrs during day. Foster mom says that she is house broken; you just have to show her which door is the door she is to use.



Leela is a court jester! She will make you laugh with her funny antics, her zoomies, and her happy-go-lucky attitude. 

She is full of personality and charm. Hard to believe anyone would abandon such a sweetheart.


Leela is outgoing and very friendly. Her energy level is medium low. She's more on the couch-potato side of life but she's not overly lazy, at least not on cool days. She does like a good sunbathing session on the patio. She's the kind to just hang out next to you, what ever you do as long as it doesn't require a ton of energy.


Leela might be more into having her toe nails painted than going on a run so probably not the best jogging partner. If you're looking for a well-behaved and easy little companion though, she fits the bill. 

Behavior with people: 

Leela is a GREAT breed representative and should be a wonderful ambassador. Dont hesitate to take her on public outings.  She's happy to meet anyone; comfortable with people of all ages, size and shape, men or women, kids to seniors.  

Behavior with children:  

Leela has spent time with 5 yo children and as we expected, she's awesome. At first meeting, she did not jump up. She sat for them to pet her. As more comfortable, she continued to do well. She lays for the girls to rub her belly. When the girls we dancing and singing, Leela jogs around them but doesn’t jump. 

This friendly lady is indeed patient, gentle if she needs to, but outgoing and fun-loving at the same time. A home with respectable kids would work for her. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Leela would do well as an only dog with adopters that will spoil her as she deserves, but she could also live with a compatible male quite easily.


Behavior with other animals:  

No cats please! 



She's naturally easy, well-behaved and no trouble at all. She appears housebroken and doesn't seem destructive. Leela is very food motivated (esp cheese) and wants to please her human. But training has to be in short intervals because she gets bored quickly.


Potential adopters need to be aware of her need for attention though, which she occasionally express vocally.  This won't be a problem if you are home a lot. She will even do well in a house if you are gone normal work hours, but an apartment with close neighbors might not bet the best situation for her. 

Best Attribute:   

It’s hard to pick just one great thing about Leela but foster mom says she definitely fell in love with her snort!! Leela is like your best friend that snorts when she laughs! 


She does it when she eats, when she plays, when she’s getting comfortable to lay down with you. We call her Little Piggie Princess!

She's a very easy, loving and affectionate, no-nonsense sweetheart. Leela doesn't sweat the small stuff and has a positive energy. She would do well in a home with children and/or senior citizens.


Please dont let her bad eye be a deterrent. We actually thinks this little disfigurement adds to her character and only proves she overcame headships of the past like a trouper. God only knows she deserves a loving home now. She has a ton of love to give in return. 

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