Kibo is Japanese for hope. This guy never lost his, knowing he would be saved!
Kiboo was confiscated by animal control because of the deplorable conditions in which he lived. He even made it on the news when his owner attacked the animal control officer. Our thanks go out to Chain of Hope for keeping an eye on him, and probably saving his life!
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Am Bulldog Mix
Sex:  M
Age:  1-2
Weight:  60 to 70 lbs
Color: White with spots
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown


Living Situation:

Kiboo was recently transfered to foster care to go through heartworm treatment.  His foster family, which includes teenagers, cats and an adult dog, thinks he is a dream. We sure can't argue! 

Medical Conditions:

Kiboo suffered from malnutrition and parasite infestation when he entered our program. He had a ton of fly bites causing skin infection on his ears, head and neck. He immediately received treatment and his coat is now soft and healthy. Next step is to get rid of heartworms. Even if you can’t adopt Kiboo, you can still help him by donating for his care. Treatment is set to begin at the end of July. Kiboo will need 6 weeks of rest following the injections to treat the disease and will be back on his feet before fall. Kiboo is in the process of being transferred to a foster home. We ill up his bio with his progress.


Kiboo is so full of silly, goofy joy for life! You would never know he lived in filth before his rescue! He loves to play and jump on the couch at the shelter--something he probably never had a chance to do before! He is still figuring out what "toys" are, but he's a quick study. 


Behavior with people: 

Kiboo is impossible not to love, he's so sweet. He definitely prefers to be close to people, but he's not invasive (though he will happily give you a ton of kisses if you let him). He’s figuring out how to be a pet and learning real fast. He's a real people-dog and can hardly contain himself when meeting new friends but can be controlled. Even though he’s a big dog with a huge head and stocky body, he’s not much of a guard dog. He loves everyone! 


Behavior with children: 

We haven’t seen Kiboo with little ones yet but the dog has no malice. However, he is a big happy goof, sometimes a little too happy for his own good.  He doesn’t mean anything bad and he is receptive to training. He’s actually not considered very difficult to handle and we think that in a home with structure and positive leadership, he should do well with children.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Unknown. His bio will be updated when we know more.


Behavior with other animals: 

Unknown. His bio will be updated when we know more.



Kiboo would probably set the moon on fire if it meant someone was going to pet him. He loves praise and snuggles and is a quick learner. We haven't done too much training with him yet, but he keeps his kennel clean and is always listening for his human! 


Best Attribute: 

It's so hard to choose! He's a goofy guy, inside and out. So full of that pure joy that only a dog can experience. His love for life will lift your spirits and make you laugh, no matter what. He's a real diamond in the rough. 

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