Khaleesi is an invented name introduced to the world by author George R. R. Martin for the wildly popular Game of Thrones series—it's Dothraki for "queen" and is one of the titles of the character Daenerys.
Born to be a queen, Khaleesi’s life sadly started on a much different note. Mistreated and neglected, this sweetie lived outside without love and proper care. She finally managed to escape the hard life, only to land in an overcrowded city pound. Thankfully, the staff couldn’t resist her happy spirit, positive attitude and desire to find love despite the hardships she endured. They insisted that we meet her and so we did… And sure enough, Khaleesi is now in our care, proving what a sweetheart she is and how deserving of the name we gave her.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  12 - 16 months
Weight:  40-50 lbs
Color: White
Good with dogs: Probably
Good with cats: Unknown

Living Situation:

Little Khalee is currently living at MPR shelter. She quickly figured out what it means to be a loved pet and can’t get enough of the good life. She is a very quick study and keeps her kennel clean and waits patiently for her turn to play with volunteers each day. She’s a doll!


She is a sweetie from her ears to her tail. All smiles all the time; you can see her light up when volunteers come each day. She is learning manners and every day shows the humans around her what a good girl she is. She is happily doing all of the things she was not allowed to do as a puppy and learning boundaries as she goes.  We are all very proud on how quickly she has blossomed, inside and out.

Khalee’s energy level is medium. She is lively, loves to play and goof around, but is not overly hyper. She loves to go with the groove and be in the middle of the party with everyone. If there’s no party, she’s on board for a cuddle session on the couch.


Khalee is not dominant but she’s not a push over either. She has a great middle-ground disposition that makes her perfect for just about any lifestyle. She is very easy going and always in a good mood. Note that Khalee is a little smaller than average. She would do well in just about any type of living situation.


Behavior with people: 

Very loving. She adores being near her people and letting them love on her as much as she loves on them. She knows she deserves it. She also loves to play but is not pushy about it. She’s very in-tuned with people and follow their mood and drive.


She might be a little naïve when it comes to strangers. Not much of a guard dog. Everyone’s a friend. This little beauty really has a great disposition; outgoing, friendly and very loving. We adore her!


Behavior with children: 

Khalee hasn't been around any children so far. She’s very comfortable with everyone though. We think a home with children would be fine for her. Perhaps no toddlers however, as she likes to nibble on hands and feet for fun. Nothing that can’t be trained though.

Behavior with other dogs: 

Unknown at this time but she doesn't really pay attention to the other dogs in their kennels. In fact, if something, she seemed to be ready to make friends with other dogs. Now that her heartworm treatment is over, we plan on doing introductions soon.


Behavior with other animals: 




Khalee is working on basic commands and basic pet skills. She is very praise motivated and loves a good belly scratch reward as much as a treat. She is so eager to please and such a sweet girl!


Best Attribute: 

Aside from her ridiculous tongue that hangs out whenever she smiles, and THE most adorable little piggy snort she makes when she’s happy, Khaleesi's resilience and eagerness to forgive is admirable. We promised to fight for her and help her find her throne. She was born to be a queen.

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