Kamuro means "Boys Haircut" which is what this firework shell looks like when fully exploded in the air. A dense burst of glittering gold stars which leave a heavy glitter trail and are very shiny in the night's sky.
Kamuro lost his home and family in a tragic house explosion in 2014. It was all over the news

We brought Kam into the program back then and he was adopted buy a family in South KC. Sadly, he has once again lost his family; this time due to a divorce. 
Will this poor boy ever catch a break? 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Mastiff/Pit mix
Sex:  N Male
Age:  3 to 5
Weight:  Over 80 Lbs
Color: Brindle
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes

Living Situation:

Kam is fostered in a home with adults, teenagers, another large female dog, 3 cats and even a little family of Bearded Dragons. He does awesome with everyone. There’s a large fenced yard with tall chain link and while he enjoys spending time outside if the family is there, he’s very much an indoor couch potato.



Very calm and laid back. Easy to handle despite his size. A gentle giant with a heart of gold.


Behavior with people: 

Somewhat reserved but friendly. Kam is a little less enthusiastic with his greetings than a typical pit bull. It’s not that he doesn’t like people, it’s just that he is polite and under control. While he is friendly with everyone, his size and intimidating appearance makes him a good companion to have by your side.  The dog is a gem.


Behavior with children: 

He’s great with the teenager boys in his foster home. You can usually find them cuddling together on the couch.


Behavior with other dogs: 

He’s a little unsure with dominant males, but he does very well with the ladies.


Behavior with other animals: 

Great with the cats. He ignores them completely. He’s so laid back that the cats couldn’t care less either.



He’s a very well-behaved dog, easy to train, housebroken, good in a crate, non-destructive; What more could you ask for?


Best Attribute: 

Kam is the best! He’s been through a LOT in his life but he is stoic and resilient. He just came back into our program so we will update his bio soon.   

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