Of Hawaiian origin. The meaning of the name Kamea is: The one and only. Sweet darling. The precious one. 
Sweet Kamea was confiscated by animal control for being kept in a locked car with two other dogs.  The dogs were freezing and starving in a junk-yard vehicle covered with feces.  This was not Kamea’s first ordeal. She was confiscated last winter too, from a different owner, for being kept freezing outside without shelter. After being made aware of her misfortune, MPR decided enough is enough. We had to bring this sweet little lady in the program and make sure she never lands in bad hands again. We are determined to turn her life around and make 2017 her best year ever.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  2-4 years
Weight:  Underweight at 50 lbs.
Color: Caramel
Good with dogs:  Possibly
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Kamea is healthy and happy! She came in underweight but is looking great now. Her coat has become softer and shinier. No health problems currently diagnosed for this lucky gal.


Living Situation:  

Kamea is living the good life in foster care. Foster mom claims that Kami is a lovely dog with a great disposition. She is very affectionate but not pushy. The oldest daughter is a nanny so Kamea gets to meet lots of kids. Foster mom is an active foster home who's been doing this with MPR for close to 15 years now. While Kamea is very pleased with her life with her foster family, getting her adopted will allow us to save another dog.



Kamea likes everyone and everyone likes her. How could you not, she's a doll. And so eager to please.  Kam was rescued from a difficult situation where people didn’t treat her very well so you can only imagine how much she appreciates the chance she has now, and enjoys being pampered. She is very grateful.  She still seeks reassurance when meeting new people and hopes they won't let her freeze outside like her last parents did.  She has certainly learned that she can trust her foster family's snuggles because she can’t get enough.


Kamea is a moderate energy dog with a low prey drive. She loves to go on walks and behaves well on the leash. She is very agile and graceful, always taking the stairs two or four at a time. Foster mom says that she loves table food and snacks but is not pushy and will watch you eat, hoping for a little bite. If the table food is extra delicious, she may drool or blow bubbles from her mouth in appreciation. Who doesn’t? Lol!

​​​Behavior with people: 

Kamea is a bit unsure at first but after a few minutes, her loving side shines through.  She is obedient but obviously hasn't had very attentive owners in the past - she has already learned several commands and is happy to follow directions, especially if treats are involved! Her favorite thing is to leap on the sofa and curl into a tight little ball right next to you for a nap. Foster mom claims that she is very easy to take care of and very easy to love. No trouble at all.


Behavior with children:  

Kamea is great with kids. She is tolerant and patient and not much bothers her. We think she has all the great qualities of the breed and should make an excellent family companion. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

We know that Kamea lived with two other dogs before, including a small Chihuahua. She gets along great with the older large German Shepherd in her foster home. She has actually found out he makes a good pillow ;-)


Behavior with other animals:  

Kamea briefly met a cat and seemed a little too interested for our comfort. We could re-direct her attention however, so perhaps someone who is very savvy in dog-cat interactions could make it work, but from the limited exposure she had with a cat in our presence, we didn’t think it was love at first sight.  



Kamea keeps her crate clean and is potty trained, though you have to remind her to go potty if she is too happy to remember when she is outside.  She is smart and eager to please and doesn't chew or destroy the toys we give her.

Best Attribute:   

Kamea’s light, muscular frame and medium size make her perfect for any activity; from hiking and walking to just snuggling in bed. Whatever you like to do, she likes to do too because she thinks you are the most awesome person in the world! Kamea seems to be impossibly resilient - she has made her way to the city shelter three times in the last year due to tragic ownerships and she still offers slobbery kisses to those that will accept.  She's a total love.

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