The moment when everything falls into place. A propitious moment for decision or action. May the Kairos be with you. 

Background Info:


Kairos was found in the pouring rain wondering Swope Park alone, scared, unlove and hungry.  He was rescued and placed in a temporary foster home where he was nursed back to health. Kairos is now with MPR and ready for adoption.  

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  6 to 8 mths
Weight:  Growing
Color:  White & Tan

Health Condition:

Healthy, neutered, up-to-dated on vaccinations.


Physical Description:  

Puppy Kairos seems a little big for his age. He still have quite a bit of growing up to do. We suspect he will be over 70Lbs as an adult. 

UPDATE:  Below is a description of Kairos' situation back in July. The cat info was updated.


Kairos left his foster home in August to go live in an adoptive home but came back in our program at the end of the month due to not getting along with the cat. Unfortunately, his previous foster home had already taken a new dog by then so Kairos is now kept in a boarding facility until we have room for him. We are VERY eager to get this little guy out of boarding. Please consider giving him a chance. If you are not sure about adopting him, FOSTERING might be a better option. 

Living Situation:  

Kairos is fostered in a foster home with children and an adult female dog. The kids are 7 yo and up.  There is a wooden privacy in his foster home. 

Kairos is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, smart, eager to please, and playful puppy. He is quickly learning basic commands and wants nothing other than to make you proud. He is gentle when taking treats and will sit and wait patiently for food without being asked. He is mostly potty trained with only the occasional accident. He is kenneled when home alone and at night. He goes into the kennel easily with the help of treats and toys to keep him busy. He keeps his kennel clean and is not destructive of the bedding.


He loves meeting new people and especially loves kids so his greetings can be enthusiastic at times. He responds well to re-direction and/or correction when necessary.


Kairos is currently learning leash etiquette and walks well for the most part. Occasionally something will pique his interest and he will slightly pull. However, with each walk his leash manners improve. He doesn't mind riding in a car but has gotten car sick a couple of times. He needs to get used to it.


Kairos get excited when greeting his loved ones but calms down quickly. He is very good at matching your energy levels. If you are calm and relaxed he will either snuggle up next to you or grab a toy and entertain himself. If you are on the move he will follow. He loves his people and just wants to be near you.  With leadership and consistency Kairos should grown into a little (big) gentleman. 



Kairos is sweet, needy, tenacious but very loving and somewhat submissive.  He is not dominant or defiant. Just very eager to be loved and to find someone to love.  Overall, Kairos is a well balanced puppy. He is eager to please and craves direction. He is very responsive to what you ask of him.

Behavior with people: 

This little guy is definitly veeeeery people-oriented. He gets a little excited when first meeting people because he wants you to know how much you mean to him. But, quickly calms down after he gets some attention. Especially if instructed to do so.


Behavior with children:  

Kairos loves kids and is very good with them. I think he will do well with all ages as he matures. Since he is still a puppy and learning his manners he will jump up in excitement. Little kids may not handle it as well as older kids. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Kairos has spent time with other dogs and does well other than being a little needy with them too. His persistence for attention can be irritating for older dogs. It depends on their personality. A home with an outgoing, friendly and playful female would be great for him and would help him burn out some of that normal puppy energy. He would do well as an only pet too. 

With a 3 day crate and rotate, introduction he has gone well with the adult female in his foster home. She is somewhat dominant and Kairos is responsive. 


Behavior with other animals:  

No cats! Kairos briefly lived with a cat before and he was chasing him. 



He's mostly a typical puppy who needs basic training. Nothing problematic. He jumps up on people but that behavior can be corrected with proper training and leadership. Kairos is learning to not walk right in front of you and to not bolt between legs when a door is opened. Work in progress but positive results so far. 

He is learning basic commands such as sit, wait, come, and off. He is currently working on crate training and doing well with it. He is very responsive and eager to please.

Best Attribute:   

Look how cute he is! But if that wasn't enough, he's also a sweetheart with a great disposition. Kairos seems to have the potential to become a wonderful breed ambassador. Dont wait too long to apply or he will be gone!

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