The name Jumana means silver pearl. The silver pearl symbolizes dignity, patience, wisdom, and dependability.
This beautiful lady was abandoned a few years ago because her owners had too many pets.
She was adopted shortly after and we thought she had finally find forever love. Sadly, tragedy
struck again recently. Her adoptive family moved to a town with a breed ban and had a baby.
While they were thrilled to add a new member to their family, a heartless close relative, 
absurdly brainwashed by propaganda against the breed, called animal control on them to
force them to get rid of "baby girl", as her family calls her. They were given until April 2nd to
find her a new home :-(
We are devastated, as they are, and can only imagine how heartbroken Jumana will be when she realizes she is once again losing her family.... And her new little baby brother who is forced to lose his best friend as such a young age.... What a sad lesson... 
We can only hope Jumana will soon find a new loving home. One who will keep her safe and loved this time, until the end of her life.
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Am Staff
Sex:  Female
Age:  7+ y/o
Weight:  70+ lbs
Color: Blue

Living Situation:

When she was with MPR a couple of year ago, Jumana struggled at the shelter. Being in a facility with dogs kenneled next to her was hard on this princess and took a toll on her.  Jumana is still in her adoptive home until April 2nd. That gives us 2 weeks to find her a new home and spare her another stressful stay at the shelter. 


In her home, Jumana is a well behaved, spoiled lady, house broken and with perfect house manners. She is a little needy and doesn't like being home alone, but doesn't cause any trouble. 


Jumana is a great example of the breed when it comes to her loving and patient nature with people. All she needs to blossom in a family is someone who understands the breed well.  Her owners claims that she is a very sweet and well mannered dog. They love her to death and couldn't ask for a better one. 

Jumana loves being a cuddly couch-potato and she sleeps in bed with her parents and her little baby brother whom she adores. She enjoys nothing more than positioning herself right on someone's lap if allowed, and to relish in petting and snuggling. This sweetheart is as loving as she is beautiful. 

Ju is calm, a little reserved and obedient. Though she loves to cuddle, she is very polite and won’t get in your face unless you ask for kisses.


Behavior with people: 

Jumana is sweet and loving with everyone. The stunning girl would probably not make a good guard dog since she is so loving with people. That said, she’s on the large side for a female and looks intimidating. She will bark if someone is at the door but is great at reading her cues from her owners. 


In fact, if anything, we believe she is more at risk of being stolen herself, than anything else. Jumana needs to be able to count on her owner to protect her, not the other way around. She will repay you with her loyalty for life.

Behavior with children: 

Juju has spent the last few years proving what we knew; she is a wonderful companion. She’s a mature, well-behaved lady who thrives being treated like a princess.  She might prefer getting her nails painted than roughhousing but she's a pretty good sport about everything. She is patient, doesn’t jump on people and listens well. 


Behavior with other dogs: 

Jumana has lived as an only pet for the past few years. We know she didn't get along well with another female in the home she had before coming in our program several years ago. Since then, she has briefly met a few males and did great with them but her interaction with them was limited. She definitely does very well as an only pet but a home with an older, calm and gentle male with be an option if the owners are breed savvy and know how to handle bully breed's interactions. 


Behavior with other animals: 

No cats for Miss Jumana please. She's allergic ;-) 


Jumana is perfectly crate trained, She’s so well behaved though,  that we don’t think she’d ever need to be in a crate. She is housebroken and nondestructive. She is calm, smart, obedient and responsive.  

Best Attribute: 

Jumana’s beauty is the first thing people notice, but her sweet disposition soon radiates.  Her large size is equally matched by the amount of love she has to give. This gorgeous silver pearl really is a precious gem.

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