Jif is an American brand of peanut butter made by The J.M. Smucker Company.

Background Info:


We dont know how Jif lost his home but he found himself on someone's front porch one day and was brought to the city shelter. He was never claimed. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  50-60 lbs
Color:  Red

Health Condition:

Jif was successfully treated for heartworm disease in fall 2019. He is now healthy and ready for adoption.  

Physical Description:  

Very good looking golden boy. Muscular and well proportioned. Jiffy has a big expressive head and intelligent eyes. He is medium size and very well built. 


Living Situation:  

Jif is fostered in a duplex home in the River Market area with a single young man. There is no fence so Jif goes on a walks everyday. He has proven to be reactive at the sight of other animals.  We believe the best situation for Jif would be a home with a large yard with privacy fence. In the house, Jif is well behaved, chill and easy to handle.


Very smart boy. Friendly and outgoing. Playful but not hyperactive. He's good in the house and doesn't have to be crated when home alone. He is alert and curious though and barks if something catches his interest outside. While friendly with people, he should make a good watch dog and will alert his loved-ones if something suspicious is going on around the house.

A word from foster dad: "Jif is an all around great dog. He has a good balance of being playful, yet still loves lounging on the couch or his dog bed. He occasionally gets overly energetic, as he is just out of his puppy years, but is quick to respond if he needs to calm down. He loves to play and always has a cheerful personality that is very contagious. He is great on the lease as long as he is only around people. He is reactive to other dogs which we are currently working on. At home he relaxes but is attentive to new noises. I live in the city and the adjustment was a lot for Jiff at first,. Lots of new noises and smells, but he has quickly adjusted and seems to be improving each week. Overall he can be a little reactive and excitable to other dogs but as he continues to get used to the "good life" he has become more and more relaxed and content".

Behavior with people: 

Personable and comfortable with everyone. Jif is easy-going and mellow with people. He makes new friends easily and enjoys human company. 

A word from foster dad: "He is very excitable when it comes to meeting new people. It is all positive energy, although he can be overly happy at times. He is still young, just out of his puppy years. He has a big positive personality that he loves showing to new people. This is something we have been working on and he has been improving as far as staying calm around new people. He has been trained well not to jump, but is working on staying more calm and waiting for the person to greet him, not for him to greet the person. Overall, all of his interactions have been positive, he just gets excited to make new friends."


Behavior with children:  

A word from foster dad: "No interactions with children since he has lived with me. Although, judging by his reaction with the people he has met. I think he could do well would older kids. Possibly younger kids, but I worry he may be too energetic for his size with small children. Would definitely recommend a supervised and slow introduction."


Behavior with other dogs:  

While we were told Jif did well with female dogs in the past, he now gets easily over-stimulated by other dogs.


It's possible Jif could share a home with a compatible female, provided the owners had a good understanding of the breed and proceeded with caution and strong supervision. Jif is fostered in a home as an only pet right now and this situation works great for him.

A word from foster dad: "He has never met a dog close up since I've been fostering him. Given his reaction to seeing dogs from a short distance at the park, I believe he would not react positively to any dogs. I am working with him on being less reactive. it's a work in progress."


Behavior with other animals:  

High prey drive. No cats please!


Jif is smart and has great house manners. Easy when at home, he is reactive on-leash and very strong. He requires firm handling when on walks or outings. He would do better as a home-boy rather than an explorer.

A word from foster dad: "He is very smart. He knows all the basic commands (sit, wait, shake, come). He is very food motivated and believe he could easily pick up new commands with some additional training".

Best Attribute:   

His cute face is hard to resist. He's also smart and very fun-loving. Foster dad describes him as a great dog with an awesome personality. 


A word from foster dad: "I really love how happy he sees the world and how much he appreciates having a home and someone that takes care of him. His energetic and happy attitude about life in general is contagious."

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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