Jeevesrefers to himself as both a "gentleman's personal gentleman" and a "personal gentleman's gentleman."
This sweetheart of a dog won over the staff at the city pound, and quickly had our heart too. He is such a darling. And look at the cute overbite. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull mix
Sex:  Male -neutered
Age:  1 - 2 years
Weight:  Growing
Color: Black & White
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats: Yes

Jeeves can be a bit hand shy and timid but is growing more confident and trustful.  Jeeves was a little underweight when we got him but is doing well and still growing now.


Living Situation: Jeeves lives in a foster home with an elderly male Pit Bull and a female Pit Bull with two human adults.  Jeeves does daycare at Pete and Mac’s daily and attends training classes regularly. 

Personality: Jeeves is a sweet, humble, yet funny-loving guy. He is eager-to-please and loving. It's clear that he was not treated very well before and he is in the process of learning that people can be nice and fun. He's soaking it up! Foster dad says that he arrived as a timid and unsure teenager dog and has blossoming into an outgoing, friendly and happy young adult.


Behavior with adults:  Jeeves is particularly fond of men, though he likes the ladies too. He might just appreciate the reassurance of a strong but positive leader.


Behavior with children:  He is very affectionate and would do very well with children.

Behavior with other dogs and animals: He has learned good social skills but must be supervised while with other animals.


Training: Jeeves does well in his kennel unsupervised for short periods of less than four hours.  He does get bored and rips up a blanket or chews up bedding if left long periods unattended during the day.  He is doing well with potty training and can make it overnight.  Jeeves will go to the door to be let out.


Best Attribute: Jeeves is young and playful. He has learned good social skills but must be supervised while with other animals. Jeeves does well with consistency and structure. Jeeves eats very fast so we use a slow feeder to help him slow down. Jeeves has been learning obedience from his foster family and knows how to walk nicely on a leash, door etiquette, sit, down and stay. Jeeves loves to be social and active most days and then loves to cuddle. He is very affectionate. He would do very well with children and other pets. This young boy is full of potential and definitely has what it takes to make a wonderful family companion.

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