Java Bean

A beautiful Indonesian island. The name Java means "home" in certain languages. It's also an informal word for coffee.
This adorable little chocolate girl landed at the city shelter with a bad eye. She is all healed up now but requires daily ointment. She was adopted a few months ago but unfortunately did not get along with the male dog resident. Java is now back at our shelter and is awaiting her forever family. She is lover of many things but cuddling tops her list!
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1 y/o
Weight:  40-50 lbs
Color: Chocolate/White
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats:  No

Health Condition: 

Java Bean landed at the city pound with an eye injury a few months ago. An ulcer was developing on the retina due to an autoimmune condition left untreated. Java had surgery at the end of October and her eye has healed nicely. The genetic condition is causing a decrease in tear production so to avoid recurring ulcers, Java needs daily eye drops. She is not difficult about it.   

​Living Situation:  

Java currently lives at MPR shelter where she tries to make the best out of what life has to offer. It could be worse! She’s a positive gal with a cheerful personality and keeps her chin up in face of adversity.   Still, we know she longs for a home with a family of her own. There are so many great things about this sweetheart that we hope she won't have to wait too long. She’s a doll!


​Java is alert and curious, bright and lively. She is still very young and would love a fenced yard with room for running and lots of ball retrieval play.  She absolutely LOVES to retrieve her squeaky bone and will literally play fetch for a solid hour or more if you let her.  She's also great to walk on leash and cant get enough walks! 

While Java is energetic and active, she also has a noticeable calm and cuddly side. She is indeed a sweetie, loving and affectionate girl.... Until you get the ball out! Oh boy is she ready for fun then! Really this fun-loving little chocolate girl is a great combination of both worlds like a typical Pit Bull should be.

Note that Java is on the small side, which makes her easy to handle and perfect for just about any lifestyle. 

Java is also very eager to please and doesn’t like when you are upset with her. It breaks her heart. She does her very best to be pleasing and sweet so you always have a smile and gentle touch for her.

As it's often the case with Pit Bulls, Java is a VELCRO dog.  If you like an independent dog, Java is not the dog for you.  She wants to be as close to her people as possible - whether it is cuddling, sleeping or playing.  She definitely wants to please you and is the epitome of a snuggler.  She is very tolerant and welcome all human attention. 


​​​Behavior with people:  

Java is very good with everyone!  She barks at the doorbell, but greets everyone enthusiastically.  She loves children and adults alike!  Keep in mind that she will need discipline to keep her from being too overzealous when greeting new people.  She sometime jumps up, and needs to understand this isn’t acceptable.  Happy greeting is a pit bull thing btw. Java is just a normal little pit bull gal with a huge love for people.  She needs to understand the rules and she will follow them.

Behavior with children:   

Java is exceptional with children. She is very tolerant, loving, and playful. Pretty much the perfect combination for kids. She was fostered in a home with young children until recently. She lost her foster home due to incompatibility with other dogs but she would love a home with children again, preferably over the age of three.

Behavior with other dogs:   

Java most likely needs to be an only pet unless someone is very experienced with the breed. She has a feisty spirit when it comes to other dogs and it can be difficult to manage for someone unfamiliar with this common trait with Pit Bulls. She is such a people=dog anyway and has enough love to give for 10. She is perfectly happy in a home filled with humans and doesn't miss interacting with other pets.

Behavior with other animals:   

Unsure but she would probably chase cats and small animals. 


We're working on all aspects of training with Java.  She knows sit, and we are working on lay down and stay.  She is very motivated by play. She will sit and stay when playing fetch. She is very smart and usually minds fairly quick.  Exercise is her best friend! 


Java does great on a leash. She is very easy to walk and doesn't pull at all.


Although Java is potty trained, please keep in mind that there is always an adjustment period when a dog enters a new environment.  It may take her a bit to communicate that she needs to go out, and to understand where she will be going out.  ​

Best Attribute:    

Java is a total LOVE BUG and sweetheart in the biggest way. In addition, she is just about as fun-loving as they come. She has the cutest little head-tilt she does when trying to listen and focus on what you are saying!  She goes from being playful and running laps in the backyard to sitting in your lap for three hours while you are watching your favorite movie.  She will make an active family that also wants lots of cuddles the PERFECT addition! 

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