This fun-loving gal sure has come a long way since the day we pulled her from the pound, covered in mange. With lots of TLC from MPR volunteers and a successfully demodex treatment she has blossomed into a real little beauty.
ID Number: #23967
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Female  (Spayed)
Age: 10-16 months old
Weight: 45 to 55 lbs
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: No
Foster Situation:

Jamberry is currently living at MPR's mini-shelter and she's awesome. She thinks life with MPR is MUCH better than what she has before and you can tell by looking at the smile in her eyes how thrilled she is to have been rescued. She came to us with a bad case of mange, but it didn't take her skin a long time to heal from the bad life. She has become a gorgeous blue girl with a velvety and healthy coat.



The cutest thing about Jamberry is her amusing little grunt. She snores and grumbles like a little pig when excited. It’s the funnies thing. Though she seems to have a serious expression all the time, Jam is all but aloof. She's a hoot! She loves to make people laugh and she's always in a good mood. Jamberry is playful and outgoing, but also very responsive. She is slightly submissive but not shy. Just a little unsure of people's intentions sometimes, but it doesn't take her long to trust.


Behavior with people:

Super friendly! She's a people-dog but was not always treated right so there is a small part of her that tends to hesitate when meeting new people. You can tell that she wants to make friends real bad though, so within a minute or so, she's on everyone's lap, giving kisses. A toy or a treat will win her heart real fast too.


Behavior with kids:

She's a puppy at heart and we think she would do well with respectful children. She's a little sensitive, so could be scared of little ones that give brutal hugs, but if the kids are nice to her, they will have a friend for life. All Jamberry wants is to make friends.


Other dogs/pets:

We don't think she was well socialized with other dogs so she is somewhat uncomfortable around them and doesn't know how to act. She has not been introduced to other dogs since being with us but she sees them in the kennels next to her. Her behavior goes from wanting to make friends to being reactive. It's possible that with time, good introductions and proper management of triggers, an experienced and patient owner could have her live with a compatible male. Would do best in a home without cats.



She's responsive and eager to please. Somewhat sensitive but very sweet. A treat and happy voice go a long way with Miss Jamberry.

Jam has a kennel with access to an outdoor run via a doggy door. She keeps the inside clean.


Best Attribute:

Her happy, fun-loving and outgoing nature. She's a lot of fun and cute as can be, not to mention oh so pretty.

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