Bentley Boo

Boo is back in the program. We don’t know under what circumstances he innitaly landed at the pound, but his irresitible eyes melted our heart. He was placed in a home with young childre, but proved too big and too sensitive for little ones. 
ID Number:  #29490757
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  N Male
Age:  12 to 36 mo
Weight:  ~ 60 to 70
Color: Liver
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats: N/A

Living Situation:

Bentley-Boo is fostered in a home as an only pet. Boo is very well behaved in the house and he doesn’t need to be crated when home alone. He does however, like the crate. He is a sensitive dog and enjoys the reassurance of a “den” when home alone. There is a chain-link fence in the small yard and Boo hasn’t made any attempt at jumping it, though he is never left outside unsupervised. Boo likes to patrol the yard before bedtime. He’s a good watchdog.



Somewhat submissive, very eager-to-please, sensitive, loving, super sweet… A real darling. Foster dad calls him the “little dog” even though Boo is big boy at 75+ Lbs.  Though big in size, he doesn’t have a big overbearing personality. He does have a playful side though, and can get a little boisterous when encouraged to play hard. Boo is very responsible with adults and easy to handle.


Note that even though he is friendly with people, Bentley is a good watchdog. He is territorial in the yard and will alert you if there’s something around the house, be it an animal or an intruder.


Behavior with people: 

Very sweet. Bentley loves people but is a little timid at the same time, especially with men. Foster dad is helping him build his conference right now. There is a playful goofball inside there who’s eager to come out and play.


When it comes to women, he wants nothing more than to cuddle, roll on his back for belly rubs, give hugs and kisses, and look at them with doting eyes. Boo is a very loving dog.


Behavior with children: 

Bentley Boo is a big guy and when he plays, he occasionally tends to forget just how big he is.  In addition, since he is a little sensitive, a home with adults is preferred.


Behavior with other dogs: 

We recommend that Boo  be an only pet.


Behavior with other pets: 




Boo is no trouble at all. He is kennel trained, and actually loves his crate. We leave the door open and he goes in on his own. He sleeps in his crate at night even though he has access to a couch next to it. Seems like his crate is his safe little den.


Best Attribute: 

Bentley Boo is definitely a heartbreaker. Super easy to fall in love with. He is sweet, loving and looks at your with adoring eyes. It’s obvious that Boo is very anxious to give his heart to someone. He craves love and reassurance and is doing everything he can to be as good as possible so someone will fall for him.  

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