Dreamy movie star, the envy of many. 
Hudson came to us from the local shelter with a horrible case of mange that was the cause for severe hair loss. After some medication, proper diet, and TCL, Hudson has become a happy healthy puppy.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Mix
Sex:  M
Age:  6-7 months
Weight:  35+ lbs.
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown

Living Situation: 2 adults live in the home.  No Children.  The yard is fenced, but Hudson is also taken on regular walks.  I live in town and he is taken on outings with me.  He walks well on leash, but has recently started to pull and will need continued training.  He does well in the car. During the day he is created and doesn't seem to mind and is pretty well create trained at this point.  He is still working on Potty Training in the house and has done a great job.  At night he sleeps in my dog room on the couch and has not had any accidents over night. I believe that the ideal living situation would be a home that is able to provide Hudson with metal and physical exercise on a daily basis.  He enjoys the company of other dogs.  His foster mom is sure he would do well with children as he is a good listener and a gentle pup!


Personality: Hudson is very outgoing.  He is puppy that loves the play.  He is super lovey and loves attention and is such a sweetheart.  For being a puppy Hudson is well behaved and is a good listener.  He is very food motivated.  He is smart and eager to learn.  He enjoys meeting new people.  I would consider Hudson calm in behavior as he is not hyper.  He is moderate in his energy level as well, typical puppy of play and sleep habits.  Not mature enough to know if he has a high prey drive, very unaware at this point.  If you a looking for a total sweetheart this is your boy. He wants nothing more to be loved on and adored and is happy to give that love right back. 


Behavior with people: Good with adults.


Behavior with children: Unknown at this time, as far as we know he has never been around children.  We're sure he would be good with children. 


Behavior with other dogs: He does very well with other dogs.  He has been around other dogs outside of his foster siblings and has done well interacting with them.


Behavior with other animals: He has not been around animals other than dogs.  Since he is young so chances are he would adapt to other animals.


Training: Hudson can sit and is working on other basic training.  He is crate trained and does not have accidents when in his pen.  He is well on his way to being housebroken.  Hudson is responsive and eager to please when the reward is food.


Best Attribute: 

How sweet and loving he is and his courageou, sweet spirit.  He is goofy and a typical "boy" pup. He has not met anyone that hasn't fallen in love with him. This little guy has been through so much in his short time, but he is still full of love and brings a smile to the face of everyone around him!  Whoever is lucky enough to end up with him will be a very lucky family!

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