Hubba Hubba

Term used to express approval, excitement, or enthusiasm, especially with regard to a dog's appearance.
This stunning dog was confiscated from animal control for being kept in a vacant property without adequate care. He was neglected and most likely used for breeding. The owner refused to get him neutered (per Kansas City law) in order to get him back. This happy-go-lucky dude found himself abandoned at the pound, which actually turned out to be a good thing for him since he is now under our care.
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit/Mastiff Mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 Years
Weight:  75+ lbs
Color:  Tan/Black Mask
Good with dogs:  NA
Good with cats:  NA

Living Situation:  

Hubba Hubba is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. He is ready for his forever home!



Hubba Hubba is a handsome boy and a true lover. He’s a big fan of couch time with the volunteers and soaking up love and kisses. He sure is a lady’s man and knows how to ham it up! He enjoys belly rubs, ear scratches and giving some big slobbery smooches. Hubba seems pretty low-key and easy-going. He might enjoy a short walk or little romp around the yard but he’s more the couch potato type.

Hubba is responsive though doping circus tricks is not his thing. He’d rather just hang out, follow you around, lay on the couch or go on outings. He has great potential as well behaved, easy-to-handle family companion.

​Even though he’s just a big loving teddy-bear, Hubba is rather large, absolutely stunning and very intimidating looking. He has a HUGE head and big muscular body. This dog turns heads everywhere he goes and attracts a ton of attention. He could pique the interest of individuals with bad intentions as well. Please do not rely on Hubba to guard your yard! No one wants to steal your grass anyway. Hubba should never been left unattended outside. He needs to be safely indoors when home alone, kept in a comfortable environment and not alone outside at risk of falling in the wrong hands again. ​​​​

Behavior with people: ​

Hubba is a big friendly boy with a happy-goof personality.  He’s been perfectly easy-going and friendly with all the volunteers he’s met.  Sometimes he might take a minute to make sure a stranger is a friend, not a foe but he warms up really quick. We think Hubba should do well at recognizing cues from his family and be a stable and well-behaved companion. Overall, he’s a very people-friendly dog with a stable, loyal and loving nature.

Behavior with children:  

Hubba has not met any children yet. He is quite large but not overly rambunctious. He would need proper supervision around young children but nothing more than any other dog. We think he would be best in a home with older children simply due to his size but we don’t want to rule him out for young kids either. Other than the occasional bust of joy typical to bully breeds, he is a rather calm and happy-go-lucky boy, and appears responsive to training.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Hubba has not been introduced to other dogs since being in our program but seems unconcerned with the dogs barking next to him in the kennels. He walks in and out of his kennel without paying any attention to them. We have reasons to believe however, that previous encounters with other dogs were not always positive for him. Hubba will not be placed with another male. A home with an easy-going female might be ok if owners are breed savvy and proceed with proper introductions and supervision. He would certainly be a great candidate for a home as the only dog.

Behavior with other animals:  

Hubba was briefly introduced to a cat while at the pound. The cat was placed in a cage in the middle of the room and Hubba was invited to sniff the cat to test his reaction. He was curious and definitely interested, but the kitty didn’t seem to trigger any strong prey drive. However, the cat became agitated and hissed at Hubba. Hubba then barked, lunged forward but backed off right away. He seemed upset with the cat at that point. We could still redirect his attention and he wasn’t overly obsessed with the cat. The results were inconclusive in our opinion.  



Hubba has not made any messes in his kennel and seems to do just fine with bedding and blankets. He’ll do a basic sit for a treat but training is not his favorite thing. He is not defiant by any means. Just not as interested in advance obedience tricks as some of our other dogs. He actually fits the norm when it comes to eagerness to please and training potential.

Best Attribute:   

This hunk is definitely easy on the eyes but we think he will charm your heart too. He’s quite the gem inside and out and full of potential as family companion. He is easy to please, doesn’t need a huge fenced yard to be happy or a ton of exercise. He’s content just being with his loved ones and hang out. Not pushy or anxious but very personable. We love this guy and we think you will to.

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