Horton the Elephant, an outgoing, eccentic, big-hearted, loving, sweet, and thoughtful elephant and teacher in the Jungle of Nool. Horton has no tusks, lives by himself and possesses acute hearing abilities.

Background Info:

We dont have any info on how and why Horton found  himself homeless at the city pound. The staff reported his case to us, being that he was a bit of a special-need dog due to his missing toes. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  60-65 lbs
Color:  Blue & White

Health Condition/Special Need:

While Horton is a healthy boy with beautiful coat, great weight and awesome conformation, he does have a mild disability. He is missing the toenails and part of first toes on his right front and left back paws.  The pad underneath those two paws is also missing or incomplete.


This makes it painful to be up on his feet for long periods of time, and run/walking on rough surfaces (e.g., gravel). If you want a dog to play in your grassy backyard and then snuggle on the couch, Horton is your guy. But if you are looking for a guy to go running with you, we can introduce you to another kiddo!


Horton's minor limitation will be a lifelong condition and pain meds can be given as needed. Our medical Team will be happy to discuss his situation with you once you meet him. He takes his medicine with a spoonful of sugar btw... Well peanut butter... But it’s easy!

We aren't sure if he was born with the malformation or if something happened to him but we're guessing it was some kind of trauma. For the most part, having a few toes less doesn't affect him. Missing the foot pad however causes pain when walking on rough surfaces such as gravel. He's fine on the grass, carpet or even regular flooring (wood, tiles, etc). 

The vet recommended getting boots for him if he needs to walk on rough ground but he's not thrilled with the idea. We simply avoid surfaces that cause him discomfort. 


Physical Description:  

Gorgeous blue boy with a great shaped head and well proportioned body. He has a standard weight and height for a Pit Bull type dog. He has his big adorable silly ears. Missing a few toes makes him look like he's got huge paws and only adds to his charm. 


Living Situation:  

Horton is fostered in a home with 2 human adults and two other dogs. There's a big yard with a 4' wooden fence and Horton has no problem running around in the grassy yard as long as he avoids a small area covered in mulch.


Horton's foster parents work regular hours and Horton is crated when no one is home and at night.  At first he cried when in a crate but now he knows we will come back so he self soothes with a Nylabone. 

Horton is a big silly doll that just wants to be in the middle of it all without being pushy about it at all. Horton might have never been in a house before. He seemed to be puzzled by steps or stairs, scared of the vacuum and the washer, etc.  He settled in quickly however and adapted to home-life like a champ!


Horton had some accidents the first few days in foster care but I think that was due to stress with transition from the shelter to a foster home. Now he is keeping his crate clean for up to 7-8 hours, and only one accident in house since the first days.



Horton has a well balanced level of energy. He's right in the middle; not too energetic but no lazy-snail either.  He likes to fetch and run zoomies in the grassy but after about 10 minutes he is ready to go in and snuggle on the couch with you for a movie!! Definitely not high energy requirements!

Horton is responsive and eager to please.

Behavior with people: 

Horton is a friendly guy with a bit of a timid soul. He warms up quickly to strangers but needs to feel safe. He's very loving to those he knows. He was great with all the volunteers at the shelter and never caused any issues. 

We've taken Horton on outings such as a visit to Home Depot and he did very well. No jumping. No excessive barking. He sat to have people pet him and was well behaved and friendly.  Then he usually rolls on his back with all four paws in air to show acceptance.

Horton has also met several new adults in the foster family, the neighborhood and on outings. In the beginning he was slightly timid, but now his is happy to meet anyone his foster parents are hanging out with. No concerns over men or women.


Behavior with children:  

Horton was uncomfortable when he first met children but he's improving as he realizes little kids are no threat.  He met his foster parents 5 year old twin nieces and did well.  No jumping on girls, no excessive barking even when the girls were screaming. He was calming and even able to lay down in the middle of the toys fully relaxed. Now he did give lots of kisses, but in his defense the girls had peanut butter on their faces!!  


A home with children over 8 years old is recommended for Mr Horton. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Horton does well with the dogs in his foster home. It's possible that he had a bad experience with other dogs before and he's on the submissive side now. He will play but if it starts to be rough he will come back to foster mom and lay down at feet. He still needs a little confidence building.


Before coming into MPR's program Horton was introduced to other dogs and was described as social. We believe he would enjoy sharing his home with a compatible female doggy friend, although he'd have no problem being an only pet. 

Behavior with other animals:  

Horton was in the same room with a cat and didn’t really acknowledge the cat. With that said, the cat was on a chair underneath the table — I think Horton knew the cat was there, but it was not a cat test by any means.


I would rate him as low prey drive with relation to squirrels, chipmunks, etc when walking



Horton is so eager to please that the housebreaking and other obedience training has gone quite well. He has learned basic commands from us and from watching the other two dogs. When I picked him up from the shelter he was mouthy and chewing on his leash. The mouthiness is gone and he's doing well with walking on leash. 

Horton knows: sit, lay down, off, leave it. He responds well to treats and verbal cues. He is kennel trained and house broken, though a transition from foster to forever home may cause a little lapse. 

Best Attribute:   

Horton’s best quality, beside the cute ears and big elephant feet, and how much he loves to to snuggle. He is the BEST snuggler!! He loves to be in the blankets and pillows and on your lap and on your chest and on your head...lol!! He just wants to be touching you!

Horton is probably one of the most adaptable dogs I have fostered with MPR. Which is a lot considering that he experiences discomfort due to his sore feet. He's a trouper and a lover and a very charming boy.

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