Honey Bear

Sweet as honey, cuddly as a Teddy bear.

Background Info:

Honey Bear was confiscated from a difficult situation, along with 4 other dogs. They were kept on heavy chains, out in the elements without adequate shelter. The dogs were malnourished, very underweight and suffering from parasite infestations. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  American Bulldog
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  85+
Color:  White & Tan

Health Condition:

Though he looked pretty rough when first rescued, Honey Bear has blossomed into a hunk.

He was being eaten alive by flies when living on a chain but his ears have nicely healed since

then. He has gained much needed weight and is now healthy, handsome and ready for love. 

Physical Description:  

Big guy who's still gaining musculation now that he has reached his height. He will be over 80 Lbs when full

grown. His coat is very soft and healthy with gorgeous liver patches. He's a head-turner for sure.  


Living Situation:  

Living the life at MPR and loving every minute of it. Honey Bear is so happy with us and enjoys discovering all about comfort and inside living. He's doing fantastic! Great in his kennel, he's already figured out the concept of using his outdoor run to potty. He is quiet in his kennel and non reactive to the dogs that walk by him. He's more interested in interacting with the volunteers than bothering other dogs too. He's no trouble at all and a huge hit with the volunteers. 



His name is very fitting. He's indeed a big lovable teddy bear, clumsy, soft, silly and very affectionate. HB is learning about the world and his curiosity is very endearing.  The dog is charm galore! He is easy, very laid back and somewhat gentle in a lumberjack kind of way. He IS a big dog and occasionally seems to forget his size. 

HB is responsive but still very puppyish. Yes, he gets into things because he's curious and he needs supervision but he is by no means a defiant pest. He's just still juvenile and very eager to learn.  He's an overall easy companion who should fit in just about any situation provided you dont mind such big clown in your home. He's definitly a big guy! 

Behavior with people: 

Very friendly! Not a mean bone in there and not much of a guard dog. But he's big and might look scary for someone who doesn't read dogs well. One look at his big head through the window should deter someone with bad intentions. Little do they know, the big bear would do nothing but cover them in slobber if they came in.... 


Behavior with children:  

We think this guy would be great with children. He's just a gentle giant, though he doesn't always know how big he is. He might try to plop his big 'ole self on the couch with the kids, squishing them in the process. He's a sweet dog however and has no malice. He's also responsive and eager to please. A home with respectful kids would be awesome for this charming Teddy bear.  


Behavior with other dogs:  

We were told HB did well with other dogs, being a little more on the submissive side. He has not been introduced to other dogs since being with us. We believe a compatible female might work for him or he might do well as an only pet. He doesn't strike us as very confrontational.

Behavior with other animals:  




He's a huge puppy who never learned anything before. Think of a 10 week old pup in a 85 Lbs body. That said, he does have the concept of housebreaking down. He is currently learning to recognise what is a dog toy and what is not. He will learn basic commands such as sit, come, down, etc, while being with us. We dont anticipate his learning ability to be a problem. He wants to learn. 


Best Attribute:  

He's a Honey Bear! Sweet as honey, lovable as a teddy bear. The dog is incredibly charming and the volunteers have all fallen for him. We have no doubt it will be the same for any family who meets him. 

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