A cartoon character in the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. He is Calvin's stuffed tiger and best friend.

Background Info:


No idea how Hobbes lost his home but he was found as a stray on a cold January day and never claimed. He might have been confused about his situation but the smart boy seemed to have known exactly where to go to find a good Samaritan to bring him to safety. He is now part of MPR's program and thriving. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color:  Brindle & White 

Health Condition:

Neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and ready for adoption. Hobbes shown no signs of health issues and is in great shape.


Physical Description:  

Good looking brindle boy. He might be mix with Boxer but we're not sure. He's well proportioned and of average size for a Pit Bull type dog. Hobbes has the cutest face too and expressive eyes. 


Living Situation:  

Currently living at MPR shelter where he's trying to be a trouper. Shelter life is not his favorite thing but he does his best to keep his chin up. Hobbes was in decent shape when found and might have been a house companion before. He's probably eager to be back in a home again, with a family to love and protect. 



Hobbes seems like a well adjusted boy. He appears friendly and responsive and hasn't shown any inappropriate behaviors since in our care. Not overly dominant but not a push-over either. His demeanor has been balanced and even since his arrival with us. "Happy-go-lucky" would categorize him well. 

Hobbes loves to lounge on the couch and chill, but he's also an energetic boy who thrives on exercise. We recommend a home with a large yard and tall fence for this active dog. A home with no fence would also work if he is always kept on a lead and provided with long daily walks. 

Behavior with people: 

Hobbes has been nothing but friendly with everyone he's met. He occasionally needs a few minutes to get comfortable with people he's not familiar with but his reserve doesn't last long.


Hobbes is especially fond of women, even though he enjoys men as well. He just seems to have a soft spot for the ladies and the ladies definitly have a soft spot for him, lol! He's quite the Casanova. 


Behavior with children:  

Hobbes briefly met children (age 10 or so) since in our care and showed no indication of stress in their presence. He acted comfortable around them, as if he had been with children before. We dont know his background so this is just a guess based on his pleasant behavior the day he met the kids. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Hobbes hasn't been introduced to other dogs since being with us. He definitely acts very interested though. He was neutered recently and testosterone might have been affecting his behavior. He shows quite a bit of dominance towards male dogs but appears eager to meet females. 

We believe he would make an awesome companion as an only pet but could perhaps share his home with a compatible female as long as the owners understand the breed well and know how to manage triggers and interactions. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Hobbes seems to have some prey drive and might not be best suited in a home with small animals. He is very athletic and could chase squirrels and other critters.



Hobbes is learning basic commands with our volunteer.s Though we dont know if he is house broken, he does keep his kennel clean and uses the dog-door to potty in his outside kennel. He hasn't been destructive of his bedding.  Overall, he's well behaved and easy to handle. That said, he is surprising strong for his size and needs leash training. 

Best Attribute:   

Who doesn't like a tiger-looking dog? Hobbes is even cuter in person than those pictures. He appears to have a great disposition as well and eagerness to please. This little guy is full of potential. 

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