Another treasure found in an overcrowded animal control facility. How nobody claimed this awesome dog is beyond us. He's a gem! 
ID Number:  #29455692
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  N Male
Age:  1 to 3 yo
Medical Needs: Hambone has a torn ACL and is scheduled to have surgery.
Weight:  60 to 70
Color: Gold liver and white
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  N/A
Living Situation:
This gorgeous boy is very well behaved, loving and easy to handle. Hambone is fostered in a home with several other dogs with a caretaker experienced with bully breeds. He gets along great with everyone. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.
A great breed representative inside and out. Very well behaved, people-pleaser, affectionate and as easy-going as they come. Hambone is an even-tempered and stable dog, with a well-adjusted personality. He is responsive and smart without being challengingly resourceful. Foster mom claims is one of the easiest foster dog she’s had the pleasure of welcoming into her life while awaiting a forever home. She is very impressed with him and keeps raving about all of his great qualities and his good-nature.


Behavior with people: 

Loving, affectionate, eager to spend time with people, great couch-potato partner. Hambone also has a playful side if you feel like it. He’s super easy to please and ready for whatever you have in mind, be it a car ride, a long walk, playing ball in the yard, or crashing on the couch for an afternoon nap.

Behavior with children: 
Hambone has not been exposed to children since being with MPR. We don’t anticipate any problems though,. He is so easy-going and accepting that we think he’d actually make a wonderful family companion.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Hambone lives with 3 other dogs and gets along with all of them. He’s right in the middle when it comes to energy level and temperament; Not overly dominant but not a push-over either. WE think he would do well in a home with a compatible female.


Behavior with other pets: N/A


Crate trained and house broken. Foster mom is working on basic commands. Hambone knows site and shake and is obedient. This social boy lives with 3 roommates and is getting great people-socialization. So far he doesn’t seem to be much of a guard-dog. He’d rather be everyone’s best friend.


Best Attribute: 

He looks great, has a great temperament, perfect energy level and is just about as easy-going as they come. What else would you want in a dog?

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