Gustave "Gus" Goose

Donald Duck's country cousin, and the farmhand of Grandma Duck. Gus is typically either sleeping around or chasing after his next meal. He has his moments of brilliance when it comes to overcoming obstacles to any goal.

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Background Info:


Gus initially came to the city shelter as a stray with a rather bad skin problem. He was adopted by a family with kids in 2020 who neglected his care, made his skin worse, and brought him back to the pound several months later. 

Adoption Fee: $ 200
Breed: Am Bull/Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age: 3-6 yo
Weight: 65-75

Gus' situation was dire as he then spent several more months waiting hopelessly for another chance, but no one was interested in adopting a dog with health issues. We decided to bite the bullet and give this silly clown a chance, fully aware that he would likely be a very expensive project and might have to wait a long time for a loving home. He was just too charming for us to leave him to his demise. 


We can only hope now, that a nice family will feel the same way when they meet him. Poor guy has been through a lot. None of his issues are his fault. Despite all his troubles, Gus is a fun-loving clown who adores people. All he needs is an important surgery, the right diet, and someone willing to give him a chance like we did.

Health Condition:

The most serious problem Gus is experiencing is thankfully treatable. MPR is currently working hard to raise the funds to help him back on his feet. Literally.  Indeed, Gus was recently diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament, which causes a painful motion in the leg. He needs to undergo a TPLO as soon as possible, which consists of stabilizing the stifle joint. The prognosis is good but Gus will need a good 7-to-8 weeks of recovery following the surgery. 

Ideally Gus should be in a home (permanent or foster) as soon as possible since his care will be difficult to manage in a shelter environment. We can't wait much longer however, and plan to proceed with the operation before the end of January. 

The second health problem Gus suffers from is a rather severe skin condition, possibly triggered by allergies and skin sensitivity. While this issue is manageable, it is probably chronic and will most likely require lifelong care in the form of a special diet (hydrolyzed dog food formula). Gus may or may not also need seasonal allergy medication. 


Even if you can't give Gus a forever home, perhaps fostering him through his recovery could be an option? Gus will need 7 weeks of kennel rest after his surgery and to be helped in and out with a sling. 


If this is not possible for you, please consider donating for his care. The procedure Gus needs is estimated at $4000.00 and MPR could use all the help we can get for this deserving dog. 

Physical Description:  

Gus is a big, stocky goof, possibly American Bulldog & Pit Bull mix. 


Current Living Situation:  

Currently trying to be a good sport about shelter life at MPR's facility. This dog has been in a home before and he knows what he's missing. However he's also been through worse, so he's not completely depressed either. You can tell he just longs for a family but he is not giving us any problems at the shelter. He occasionally vocalizes his loneliness in his kennel but nothing out of control. For the most part, he is a patient guest who keeps his kennel neat and clean. 



What a fun-loving goofball! Hard to believe that a dog with so many hurdles has such positive outlook on life. Talk about resilience and good spirit. Gus is the epiphany of "happy-go-lucky", and an inspiration for anyone who has gone through hardships.  While this joyful clown would love to rump around and play like a puppy, we are forced to restrain activity until his leg is repaired. Thankfully, he is not inherently hyper or overly energetic but he does like to jump and bounce around. We promised him that he will be able to enjoy life like a normal dog soon, and we know that he can't wait.

Gus is a confident dog with an outgoing disposition. He is a powerful dog but not overly dominant. He just loves to have fun and expects everyone to have as much fun as he does. He has a comical personality, and you can see laughter in his eyes and cheerful expressions.  

Behavior with people: 

Very friendly and at ease with everyone. A pal to all people, he does not discriminate. He does like to express his friendship with happy hops around you, and sometimes ON you, and he's quite big. We are working on curbing this behavior but he occasionally lets his love of people get the best of him.  Nothing serious but he might not be the best choice in a home with small children, elderly or disable people, at least not until he learns to keep all four paws on the ground.  


Behavior with children:  

Gus spent several months in a home with young children, including toddlers and babies, and the owner reported that he was great with them. As mentioned above however, Gus can be somewhat rambunctious at times and could knock over a small child without meaning to. In addition, we have noticed that Gus does not always take treats very gently but this is usually a behavior that can be curbed with the right training. Other than that, Gus is very much a kid at heart and would love a home with older children. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Gus has not been introduced to other dogs since being with us. We were told that he was uptight and possibly selective when meeting dogs at the city pound several months ago. It was decided that he probably should be an only pet. At MPR shelter, Gus is not reactive when dogs walk by his kennel and he is not difficult to be let in and out of his. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Previous owner informed the intake staff at the city shelter that Gus would chase squirrels and small animals. 


Here's what we know from previous owners: Gus is not fond of being left alone unsupervised - inside or outside.  He has escaped a yard before by breaking the fence. We don't know if it was a secured fence, or something easy to destroy such as chicken wire or broken wood. This happened when Gus was left outside by himself for long hours. When left inside the house, Gus got into the trash and howled. We don't believe the owner made any attempts at keeping him in a crate, which might have been a better solution than keeping him outside unattended. 

Now for the positive; Gus is housebroken, treat motivated, knows "sit" and enjoys learning. He's just a happy dog who turns any interaction into a fun time! 

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