One of the Seven Dwarfs, Grumpy has a compassionate heart, though he rarely admits this. He heroically leads the dwarfs on a mission to rescue the princess when the Queen confronts her, showing his care for her in full force.
Background Info:

Grumpy came to MPR last October and is currently living at the shelter. We don't know much about his previous history, but he was in decent shape when he landed at the city pound. Grumpy earned his name due to his hilarious underbite pout, definitely not because of his personality.  This fun-loving guy is all BUT grumpy! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  Male
Age: 1-3 Years Old 
Weight:  45-55 lbs.
Color:  Brown w/white
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Grumpy is in great shape and healthy.

Living Situation:  

Grump is currently staying at MPR's shelter, being a very good boy. He is pretty quiet in his kennel, usually stays on his bed patiently and waits for his turn to spend time with a volunteer. 


This little monkey-face loves to hang out in his outside pen on nice days.  He keeps his kennel neat and clean; never had an accident inside. Grumpy uses the outdoor part of his run to do his business or waits until he goes in the yard. He is not destructive of his bedding and can even have pillows and dog beds.  He's a perfect little gentleman. 

Grumpy is mildly reactive to other dogs - nothing bad and we get him easily under control just by showing him a spray bottle. For the most part, he ignores them and cares way more about people.  Little guy is VERY responsive and eager to please.  Grumpy loves all the volunteers that visit him and is comfortable and super friendly with everyone.


Grumpy is also perfectly crate trained. An all-around very well behaved boy. 


Though his adorable under-bite might seem to indicate otherwise, Grumpy is anything but grumpy!  He is a happy and lively guy who enjoys playtime and snuggles. He is very outgoing, playful and energetic and would make a great companion for an active family. 

Grumpy enjoys attention but not to a point of having anxiety if alone. He just really loves people and will follow you around like a faithful little shadow if you let him. He's very adaptable and should have no problems waiting for your return in a comfortable wire crate while no one is home. He might actually not need to be crated at all. He's not known to destroy his toys or bedding. 

Please note that Grumpy's pictures don't do him justice. He is so much cuter in person. There's a spark in his eyes that is not reflected when we photograph him and his loving nature doesn't come across well through the camera. It's not his fault his monkey face gives him a grumpy expression. We think this is the only reason he has not been adopted yet. He gets almost no interest on-line because of his silly under-bite. Little guy has no idea why no one has wanted to adopt him yet and quite frankly, we dont know what to tell him. He is such a sweetheart and no trouble at all. 

Behavior with people: 

Grumpy has great interactions with everyone he meets. He is always happy to be around people and looooves attention.  He doesn't seem to have any preference for male or female visitors. Everyone's a friend. To him its much more about who has time to interact with him, regardless of age or gender. He is very outgoing but also very responsive.


Grumpy is smart, charming and very well behaved. This happy-go-lucky dude enjoys playing as much as cuddling. As long as he's in the middle of the action with everyone; be it a game of volleyball in the yard, or a long cuddling session on the couch while eating popcorn and watching The Secret Life Of Pets, he's happy. 


Behavior with children:  

Grumpy hasn't met very young children since being with us but we have no reasons to believe he wouldn't do well in a home with kids. Please consider his energy level however, if you have toddlers. Grumpy still needs to learn to not jump up on people but he is very responsive, not to mention that he is not a very large dog.  Overall, Grumpy's personality seems fitting for a home with children, especially older kids who like to interact with a 4-legged pal. Grumpy is a comical little guy, always in a good mood and very much a kid at heart. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Grumpy went on a parallel walk with a friendly female dog and seemed way more interested in people than he was her.  Making doggy-friends doesn't seem to be his cup of tea. We think he would be happier as an only pet. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown but based on his energy, curiosity and happy drive, he might try and chase smaller animals.



Grumpy is housebroken, crate trained, and knows basic commands. He is eager to please, very smart and responsive to training. He focuses well and shows good potential for obedience training if someone is interested. He doesn't need a ton of work though, as he is very well behaved as it is. Happy greetings are the only time he gets a little over himself with excitement and forgets his manners for a few minutes but who would blame him. He looooooves people.

Best Attribute:   

The best thing about Grumpy is his adorable pout and fun-loving personality! Unfortunately this is also what works against him when it comes to pictures.  We urge potential adopters to give him a chance in person before ruling him out. He is such a fun-loving little guy, smaller in size, full of love, happy energy and very, very cute! We have no doubt he will make a great family dog. He gets along with everyone he meets and is ready for a new adventure with his forever family.

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