Goobers are fresh roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate. Also a term of endearment for a kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball.
Goober’s name couldn’t be any more fitting. Though he was named after the chocolate candy because of his amazing rich brown color, he’s a total goober in personality as well. So fun-loving and very, very sweet. Goober is a young male, around 12 months old. He might still have some growing up to do. He is definitely a little underweight right now but we are fattening him up.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  10-14 months
Weight:  40 to 50  lbs.
Color: Chocolate Red
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Living Situation: 

Goober is settling into shelter life, waiting patiently for a foster or forever home to come his way! 



This guy is a hoot! Such a happy, silly fella who loves to play and never stops grinning. He is very perceptive and a fast learner who seems very eager to please. He is still a puppy so he has lots of good natured, playful energy.

Behavior with people: 

Goober is very sweet and full of love. Playful but not too pushy, he is also a big fan of snuggles and belly rubs. He seems to be up for whatever his human wants to do! 

Behavior with children: 

Unknown, but we believe Goober would make a wonderful addition to an active family. 

Behavior with other dogs:

He hasn't been introduced to any other dogs since coming into our care, but he doesn't seem bothered by the other dogs in their kennels. We believe he would do well with a compatible, playful female. 

Behavior with other animals:




Goobs is a quick learner and picks up on cues quite well. He is currently working on basic commands. He keeps his kennel clean and would do well in an environment where he is challenged and kept busy. 

Best Attribute: 

Goober is hilarious and sweet. He will keep you on your toes and melt your heart every day!


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