A gizmo is a small device that performs a particular task, usually in a new and efficient way.

Background Info:

Gizmo was sadly brought to a local shelter with his sister, Gadget, by animal control for cruelty. The poor thing was frightened and weighed a mere 38 pounds. MPR immediately took them both into our program, knowing we could turn their lives around and give them a fresh start.

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-4 yrs
Weight:  35-45 lbs

Health Condition:

Gizmo came to MPR malnourished and very skinny. He had several skin wounds that are looking better every day now that he’s in our care and receiving the love he deserves. Gizmo had to have a few infected teeth pulled, but he is so much happier now to have a healthier mouth.


Gizmo is continuing to gain weight and he is looking MUCH better already! Aside from still being on the thin side, he is healthy and available for adoption.


Physical Description:  

Gizmo has a blue and white coat and the most captivating eyes. They are like a magnet that draw you in! He is smaller than average, and his stature is just darling. He is short and long and looks like a puppy even though he’s probably around 2-3-years old.


Living Situation:  

Though still a little bit stressed and anxious from his previous hardships, Gizmo is learning about the good life at the MPR shelter. He is non-reactive to any noisy neighbors and he is learning to stand up tall when walking in and out of his kennel. He uses his doggy door to do his business in his outdoor run he is not destructive.



While we are still expecting Gizmo to continue to change as he discovers the world is a safe place, he is a total sweetheart and he’s a very happy boy now that he is feeling better-both physically and emotionally. As of now he displays medium energy level and he is very easy to handle. Gizmo likes to be right with you and feel safe with his human.

Behavior with people: 

Due to his previous experience with humans, Gizmo is slightly timid when meeting new people, but he warms up very quickly. Whatever life he had before has not taken the love out of this boy and he has a lot of love to give. When meeting people he sits low to the ground then arches his head up like an iguana so you can stare into his magnetic loving eyes!


The love he has received at MPR is helping him learn to trust again. Sweet Gizmo is so full of love and admiration. He loves to watch everything you do. He gives the best smile and tail wags when you look at him, so you can’t resist giving him affection. It’s easy to do because he gazes into your eyes so lovingly, just happy to receive positive attention.


Behavior with children:  



Behavior with other dogs:  

Gizmo came to MPR with his sister, Gadget, so it’s possible that he would do okay with a compatible female. However, we think it would be best if he were an only pet. Lord knows he deserves every bit of love and affection he can get without having to share! When in a playgroup setting with other dogs, Gizmo was defensive and did not take correction well from other dogs. We’re hoping to find this precious boy a home where he can be the center of attention and soak up all the love that’s been missing from his rough start at life.


Behavior with other animals:  

Gizmo has not shown any prey drive so far, but that could change as he gains weight and confidence.


Loud noises or harsh commands may be too much for this boy right now, but he is learning that he won't be hurt anymore. Gizmo is eager to please and loves to make you happy so he would most likely do well with training.

He has discovered that running in the big grassy yard is absolutely the life for him, especially if you come along. The excitement just comes bursting out of his heart when he gets to play! After running around in the yard, he’s able to quickly settle down for a belly rub and snuggle in for a relaxing snooze.

Best Attribute:   

Gizmo is a darling young dog with the most loving heart. He has really come out of his shell since being with MPR and despite his awful past, he is still just the sweetest boy and loves people. He has a bright spirit and he is so deserving of finding a forever family that will let him be their little cuddle bug.

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