Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans, and the Giants were born to her.
Gaia was found as a stray by an animal control officer and brought to the local shelter. The officer was so impressed with Gaia's disposition that she contacted us as asked that we meet her. MPR couldn't resist this sweet girl's adorable smile and wiggly backside and quickly pulled her into the program. We believe she was used and overused as a breeding machine in her previous home. She is now spayed and ready to be a pampered princess, not to say "queen" ;-)
ID Number: #25008433
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Am Staff/Bulldog
Sex: Female  (Spayed)
Age: 4-8 years old
Weight: 60-70 lbs.
Color: Gold and white
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No

Medical Condition:

Gaia has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism; A common condition in dogs, easily corrected with daily, inexpensive medications. This minor health issue has proven to be her downfall. Gaia will has now been with MPR well over two years and she is not getting any interest. She’s trying to be a good sport about it but life without a family is definitely not like having a real home.


Living Situation:

After spending almost two years waiting for a chance, Gaia has finally found a foster home. Foster mom claims that she is the perfect guest and has no idea why Gaia hasn’t been getting applications. Everyone in the family is smitten and Gaia couldn’t be any more proud of herself.

Gaia stays in the guest area of the house, separated from the other other dogs. She is very well behaved and only wants to chill on the couch or in her crate (her choice -  She doesn't have to be crated so we leave it open for her to come and go as she pleases.


Gaia has excellent house manners and doesn't chew on anything she should not. If anything, Gaia is rather lazy and loves to sleep-in late in the morning. We sometimes have to negotiate a little bit for her to get out of bed, Lol! The sight of the leash does the trick, though. She loves to go on walks! 



Gaia is laid-back and more on the low energy side. Yet, she is very enthusiastic for treats, snuggles and walks. She is easygoing and quick to adapt to her surroundings. She is affectionate but not overly pushy about it.


Gaia is very smart and you can tell she reads people well. Though she is obedient, Gaia thrives on leadership. She likes to know someone is in charge so she doesn’t have to be.


Gaia likes spending time sun-bathing on the porch or chilling on the floor in a bright ray of sunlight. Her favorite spot though, is on her throne (couch), and preferably with someone next to her, rubbing her belly.


Gaia's hobbies include napping, snuggling, snacking, and then napping some more. Gaia is a quiet, laid-back gal and spends her free time lounging on the couch. She does think she's a lap dog and will try to plop her big ol' self on your lap if you let her.

Gaia is very easy to please and doesn’t require much to be happy. Food, love, maybe a walk or two but not necessarily, and a comfy spot to lay on and you have one happy, easy, and grateful dog.


Behavior with people:

Gaia is great with people. She greets everybody with a loud snort, accompanied by a full body wiggle. She’s not shy at all, but she’s not a spazz either. She doesn’t discriminate and reaches out to everyone she meets with the same happy welcome.


Gaia is not behaving too much like a guard dog. She is used to meeting a ton of people and is completely at ease with everyone, including strangers.


Behavior with kids:

Gaia has not interacted with young children since being with us. She is getting a little older though and might not be the most playful dog, at least not for a long period of time. Chilling and just hanging-out is more her cup-of-tea.


Due to her thyroid issues, Gaia occasionally (very rarely) will get a little grumpy. It indicates that her thyroid test is due and her meds might need to be adjusted. Usually about twice a year. Due to this behavior, we prefer a home with with adults only, or older kids. 


Other dogs/pets:

Gaia needs to be an only pet. She’s a people-dog and needs someone who can accept her the way she is. Not being a social butterfly with other pets is not uncommon with Pit Bulls, especially in mature dogs. At least, there's no surprise. Other dogs make her uncomfortable and she can react poorly in their presence. We don't know if this is due to something that happened to her before, or if it’s just the way she is. No matter what, it’s no big deal. As respect for her, we will only place her in a home as an only pet. She is very much what a wonderful Pit Bull should be when it comes to people. We see no reason to cause her stress by forcing her to live with other animals.



Gaia is housebroken and crate trained. She is not destructive and remains a perfect lady, even when left un-crated for long hours. She is clearly an all-around perfect house companion. 


Best Attribute:

We can't say enough good things about this well-behaved lady. Her house manners are impeccable and she is no trouble at all. If you ask us, she can stay with MPR for the rest of her life, but how unfair is it to her. Gaia deserves her own loved-ones. She has a huge heart full of love and she longs to give it to a forever family. Please don’t let her wait forever. Be that family she has been so patiently waiting for.... 

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