Gadget Hackwrench; a mouse character from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Gadget has a natural warmth about her that makes everyone welcome and pleased to see her. She's very loyal to her friends and frequently goes out of the way to help them. 

Background Info:


Gadget and her little brother Gizmo (to be be listed soon) were confiscated from a terrible case of cruelty and taken to the city pound. They instantly charmed the staff with their pathetic appearance but very charming personality and a plea was sent our way. MPR quickly recognized that both of them would be excellent candidates for our program and we could help find the home they truly deserve. 

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull/Boston mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  2 to 4
Weight:  30 to 40
Color:  White with blue patches

Health Condition:

Gadget was in terrible shape when rescued. She was emaciated, covered in parasites and her poor little ears were a bloody mess from being eaten alive by flies. Her teeth were also terribly damaged and required immediate dental care. Several had to be extracted. 

She is now recuperating from the bad life in MPR's care and doing better everyday. 


Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for her care. 


Physical Description:  

Gadget is nicely gaining weight but has a little ways to go. Malnutrition, bad teeth and harsh living conditions left their marks, but she is blossoming. She was born a pretty girl and you can tell she will soon be as cute as a doll.  

Gadget is rather small and most likely has a smaller bully breed in her. We're guessing Boston Terrier but aren't positively sure. Possibly someone was trying to produce a "pocket" Pit Bull when breeding her parents and ended up with this cutie pie.


Doesn't she have gorgeous eyes and the cutest face? She is the size of a Beagle and looks like a puppy. 

Living Situation:  

Gadget lives at MPR's shelter for the moment and she definitely thinks this is THE best place in the world. Imagine when she is finally adopted in a loving home?  This dog will spend the rest of her life being grateful. 

Gadget is mostly well-behaved in a her kennel. She barks occasionally but isn't a nuisance.  She just craves human attention and wants to make sure she won't be forgotten.


Gadget does not seem to mind the kennel mates around her and doesn't cause any trouble in the shelter environment.


There's a happy goofball inside there, but it will take a little bit of time to see her flourish. This dog had it hard, and is terrified of everything for the moment. Still, you can tell how badly she wants to be happy. She sure loves to cuddle and roll over for her endless belly rubs.


Gadget already has a bit more confidence than her brother Gizmo but is still very timid, submissive and skittish. She is making progress by leaps and bounds, and watching her slowly open-up to life is warming everyone's heart.

Behavior with people: 

Timid, unsure but so eager to love and be loved. Everyday she seems to realize a little more that her nightmare is behind. We are hopeful that she will come around in time and rebuild her trust in people. She is definitely very loving to the volunteers and hasn't shown any sign of aggression. 


Behavior with children:  

Unknown but we prefer a home with adults for this sweetpie, at least until she gains more confidence. Right now she is too sensitive and easily overwhelmed. She requires mature and knowledgeable handling in order to help her come out of her shell. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

We were told she did well when introduced to other dogs during her brief stay at the local shelter. She was around her little brother too for a short while but came across as rather dominant with him and scared him. A home as an only pet would be great for her but we wont rule out a compatible male companion as long as he has a very easy-going and tolerant personality. 


Behavior with other animals:  



Very little. Just a mildly harsh tone of voice makes her cower. We are not working on training right now, but only helping her build her confidence. She is naturally very easy and well-behaved though. Housebreaking is in progress. She had never lived inside a home before. 


Best Attribute:   

A Cinderella story in the making! 

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