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To frolic is to cavort, romp, or run around, to have fun. The meaning of Frolic is cheerful, merry, or playful.

Before applying for a dog, please take a moment to review our Adoption Information & Procedures


Some of the dogs in our program are adopted before we get to know them. Some stay longer but require several weeks to show their character. Some dogs receive additional evaluations and training by professionals if needed.

We work hard to provide as much information as possible, but the process is not perfect. Our goal is to give the dogs the best chance to stay in their home for the rest of their lives so we are genuine regarding what we know about them. For MPR, quality of our placements takes precedence over a quick turnaround.

We do our very best to update the dogs' bios as quickly as we can. In some cases, dogs are adopted before we are able to revise their listing. 


Please do not contact MPR via email or messenger to inquire about a dog’s personality and/or temperament, compatibility with other pets, etc. The volunteers in charge of replying to general requests are not the same as those handling and evaluating the dogs. They will not be able to answer your questions.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will act or react under all circumstances and situations.

Background Info:


Frolic was brought into our local city pound as a stray. She had met another dog during her escapade and the two of them got in trouble. We suspect the other dog was the culprit but Frolic ended up in jail too.  The city shelter reached out to us asking if we could accept Frolic into our program to save her from an unfair punishment. 

Adoption Fee: $175 
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 10-18 mths
Weight: Growing

Health Condition:

Frolic was found with 200+ ticks on her body that have since been removed. You can still see some bald spots from the tick bites but the hair is growing back.  Other than that she a healthy young lady ready to grow and thrive in MPR program until her perfect family can be found. 

Physical Description:  

Being younger, Frolic is still growing but is currently around 35lbs. We expect her to be medium sized when fully grown, possibly on the small side. This spunky girl has a split white and metallic grey coat with the prettiest, most kissable all white face. Frolic has the cutest too big for her body ears that make her resemble a pharaoh hound when they are at attention, which makes sense because she has our volunteers ready to build statues of her even after just a short time in our program. 


Current Living Situation:  

Frolic is currently residing at the MPR shelter and so far has kept a nice kennel. She's a perfect little guest and we can only wish all our dogs were as easy and well behaved during their stay in our care.


Frolic likes to sit on her top bunk watching volunteers as they go by. She is curious, but quiet and always has a sweet smile in her eyes when we walk by her. 


So far Frolic has not had any issues with housetraining, but young dogs like her will still need encouragement that potty time is for outside only. She seems to already know the concept and uses her doggy-door to relieve herself in our outside kennel if she has too. She hasn't had any accidents in the playroom. 



Being new to our shelter Frolic has been timid when first meeting people but once she knows you are a friend.... BUCKLE UP! What a fun-loving little princess she is!  This girl has our volunteers swooning over her endearing personality every day. After she comes out of her shell she is your best friend and will hop around in excitement, not totally sure how to contain her joy. In true Pit Bull fashion, Frolic has the biggest smile when loving on her humans. She is totally adorable and her whole body wags with her tail as if she was salsa dancing when she's around her human friends. 

Behavior with people: 

Frolic has been a quick favorite with our shelter volunteers. While timid at first, she quickly warms up to you and wants to be a lap dog that gets all the belly scratches. Frolic likes to lay her thin body across your legs while she looks up at you as you pet her telling her how pretty and perfect she is. Like most young dogs with puppy energy, Frolic can be a bit jumpy but our volunteers are working with her on teaching her that she will still get all the love with all four on the floor. 


Behavior with children:  

We believe Frolic would do better in a home with teenagers. She is still a child herself and wants to be treated like she is your only baby. With her timid tendencies, children can easily startle her. Frolic also has puppy energy in a bigger body and could get a little too excited for children. We think she could live in a home with older, respectful children as long as the parents assure good supervision so kids and dogs know they can rely on adult management when interacting.   


Behavior with other dogs:  

At this time we do not have a ton of information on how Frolic behaves with other dogs but we think she could live with a compatible male. Being a younger dog she would do best with a playmate that can tolerate her energy levels and be patient with her while helping her mature. 


Behavior with other animals:  

At this time Frolic has not shown any interest in other animals but we are still learning about her as she is new to our program.


Frolic is new to our program and has not had a lot of training experience yet but our volunteers are working with her everyday. We hope to teach this mush of a dog all the commands that she needs to thrive in a home. Given her personality and eagerness to please we believe she will be a fast learner! She's a smart cookie already and has sharp timing response. 

Best Attribute:

Even being new to our program we could gush about this young lady's loving personality for days. Once properly acquainted, Frolic will love you with all her little body and big heart has to offer. Frolic is looking for an adopter that is willing to let her express her big heart while teaching her the proper manners needed to succeed in a home. While Frolic is the definition of a velcro dog, she will need to be taught that she cannot be on your lap and give you kisses 24/7/365.....  Frolic is full of life and joy, and did we mention LOVE? Somewhere out there Frolic's future family is unaware that they are going to be the luckiest family ever getting to adopt this total sweetheart.

Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for their care.

Information updated on 60/09/2024

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