Fonzie, a.k.a. 'The Fonz', the fictional character from the show Happy Days, was all about defying stereotypes. He was rebellious, but loyal and respectful. 
Fonzie came to the shelter in late December 2016. This black hunk is a personal friend of MPR – he used to live next door to our Co-Founder and her family until his owner started traveling and could not keep him anymore.  Fonzie had been with his owner for about 2 years. He was kept as a pet inside the house. In the recent months, Fonzie had been kept in a plastic crate for very long hours and way more than he should have. He was clearly miserable and his dad decided that finding him a new home was best for him.  We think he might be part lab and has a beautiful, shiny black coat. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit/Lab mix
Sex:  Male (N)
Age: 2-3 years 
Weight:  65 lbs
Color: Black 
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition: 

Fonzie is in the last few weeks of heart worm treatment! 


Living Situation:

 Fonzie is living it up in foster care with foster mom and her two teenage children.  His home is in the suburbs with a fenced in yard.  Because he is in the middle of his resting period from heartworm treatment he does not go on walks or spend a lot of time outside.  It is pretty much "do your business" and come back in which he is happy to comply with.  Fonzie is GREAT in the car, he relaxes and just enjoys the ride from the back seat...a perfect gentleman.  Fonzie enjoys cuddling and sleeping with his people, usually at the foot of the bed.  He is not kenneled, instead he is kept in an extra bedroom so as not to stress him during his recuperation.  He keeps his room tidy and he is not destructive at all.  He is very self entertaining and would do fine while his owner is away at work.  A good nylabone and dog bed and he is a happy guy! 



Fonzie is definitely outgoing and has not met a person he doesn't love.  He still has some puppy in him and it is evident when he gets excited, however he is very responsive to redirection and submits easily to his human.  Once he says his hellos to everyone and gets some loving he is really laid back and minds very well.  Foster mom is still working on his manners, he is a pro at sit and stay and takes his treats very gently.  He has amazing eye contact and you can tell he is just wanting to please you and waiting for your next command. He is very good at matching your energy level, if it is playtime he is all in...naptime, well he is good with that too.  Foster mom classifies him as EASY!

Behavior with adults:  

Wonderful, he is friendly and sweet.  His greetings can be a bit rambunctious but he submits with good direction.

Behavior with children:

We haven’t seen Fonzie around kids yet but based on his excited nature, we assume he might be a little too enthusiastic for small children. We think he would do awesome in a home with older, active kids and teenagers.


Behavior with other dogs:

Fonzie lives with two females, a 6lb chihuahua and an 80lb female pit. He does great with the chihuahua and lets her be the boss, the larger female pit brings out his alpha nature and he wants to dominate and take over, this doesn't mesh well with resident alpha female therefore these two are kept separate.  Fonzie is definitely more interested in his people than other dogs, he would love to be an only pet.  He might be compatible with a smaller laid back female but a home with no other pets would give him his best opportunity to shine.



Fonzie is eager to please and very responsive to training.  He is housebroken and he is never destructive, he only chews on his toys.  We are working on his kitchen manners, he thinks any food in the general area is up for grabs.  He has shown no resource guarding, only a pup who was never in a home that taught him the rules.  He is happily learning quickly.


Best Attribute:

Fonzie is a sweetheart with no malice.  He is up for a good time, or a good nap, whichever you prefer.  One of the sweetest things he does is to give gentle kisses whenever you put his bowl down for feeding.  He just seems so grateful for his meals.  He is also a talker, and will howl and moan like he is having a whole conversation with you.  It is very cute.  He truly is a dog that is so appreciative of his people, his sweet eyes telling you thank you for this chance.  All he wants is to please and be a great best friend.

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