Unlikely chance occurrence, especially a
surprising piece of luck.

Background Info:


Fluke was dealt a bad hand and found himself in big trouble. He was kept outside on a chain, with little care, rare attention and no training. Someone visited his owner one day and he scratched the visitor when jumping up to greet him. A complaint was made to animal control and Fluke was scheduled to be put to sleep when a plea was made to help him. 


Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male N
Age:  10-24 mths
Weight:  65 to 75
Color:  Charcoal

Health Condition:

As if he didn't have enough bad luck, Luke was diagnosed with Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) this summer.

Fluke had a complex and expensive surgery at the end of October to alleviate his pain and allow him to

experience a good quality of life. The procedure was a success and the lucky boy is currently recovering in

his foster home.

UPDATE 2019: Fluke is now healthy thanks to a full recovery with no complications following his surgery.

Physical Description:  

Fluke is rather large, though not huge. He is bigger in person than he looks on pictures. He has a gorgeous dark charcoal coat that is hard to capture on camera. This is one you need to meet in person to appreciate. His happy and loving  personality adds to his beauty. 


Living Situation:  

Fluke is fostered in a home with other dogs but currently kept separate on a crate/rotate routine. While fluke would be on board with making news friends, the resident dogs are older and not welcoming the new comer. Fluke has made friends with the dog next door and enjoys playing through the fence. 


Fluke has his own bedroom with a people bed and a crate. He sleeps in his crate at night and doesn't cause any trouble. There is a large fenced yard in Fluke's foster and Fluke enjoys spending time outside when the weather is nice. 

Fluke has the luxury of living with access to fenced property. He no longer goes out on leash. He stays nearby and returns when called. 

The ideal living situation for Fluke would be with an active person that wants a buddy. Fluke loves to be involved in as many as your activities as he can. He is curious about everything. He is a quick learner. He is very treat motivated. He would love someone that would ensure he gets opportunities to exercise. He does really well when mentally and physically engaged. 



Fluke is a wonderful pup! He is a loving dog who adores his people! Still a large puppy in the process of learning about the good life, he is curious and very receptive. He was neglected prior to coming to our program so he is soaking up positive interactions and structure now. 

Fluke enjoys going on walks, playing in the backyard, and running in the big open fenced area. He likes to play chase and fetch. He is just as happy keeping you company in the kitchen while you cook, working in the garage with foster dad, or chilling out watching TV with the family.  He does well in the car, no stress. He walks well on a leash and is easily corrected if needed. 


Fluke definitly loves to play and has made great progress learning how to interact gently during playtime.  Foster parents worked with him to not use his mouth inappropriately. 

Fluke's level of energy is described as medium and pretty typical for a young Pit Bull his age. Fluke is receptive to directions and training, while still being a cheerful pup. 

The ideal living situation for Fluke would be with people that are active enough to provide the exercise a young dog needs but also very loving and ready to enjoy a big dopey lap dog. His adopters need to understand he is a teenager and still learning boundaries and good behaviors but he's responsive and eager to please. 

Fluke loves car rides and trips. He enjoys going to Home Depot. He wants to say "Hello" to everyone. 

A note from foster parents: "Fluke is a very happy dog! Happy-go-lucky, roll with the flow dog. He loves all people. He does not meet a stranger. He loves to play. He can be energetic and can be very chilled. He is very intelligent which feeds his curiosity. He enjoys hanging out with his foster family. He is a big lap dog!" 

Behavior with people: 

Fluke has been friendly with everyone. He does get excited when meeting people. Foster parents are working on his greeting manners. It's a work in progress. 


Behavior with children:  

Fluke has been introduced to children of different ages and does well. He has been gentle and took a big interest in them. He showered the little one with kisses. It seems he understands the difference in kids' ages and sizes. He was more playful when meeting an 11 yo. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Fluke lives in a foster home with two other dogs that would prefer to not have foster pups around. Fluke and the resident dogs are rotated for their time out with the family due to the resident dogs not accepting him. Fluke seems eager to make friends but for now he is kept separate. 

Foster parents believe that Fluke would love a playmate. It would take slow-introduction however. According to his foster family, Fluke is not dog aggressive. It seems he was taken away from his mom and litter mates too early though, and did not learn how to properly meet and play with other dogs.

A note from foster parents: "Fluke is excited to meet other dogs and needs the introduction to be slow. If not, in his excitement, he will not properly understand the other dogs signals, and this could result in the play escalating to a conflict."

Behavior with other animals:  

A note from foster parents:  He has meet cats and was interested but did not try to harm the cats. He just wanted to meet them. He doesn't seem to pay attention to the squirrels. We have chickens and he was interested in them but was deterred by the electric fence around the chicken coop. He doesn't pay them any attention now.



Fluke is crate trained and house broken.  He knows sit, here, shake, come, and drop it commands. Foster parents are working on obedience. Working on waiting. Fluke is highly motivated by food. Not a fan of cheese, but LOVES peanut butter. He is pretty good on leash. He does get excited and can pull strongly on the leash. He is good at being redirected with a "Here" command. 

A note from foster parents: "We take Fluke to training for interacting with other dogs. He has made great progress but as stated above, introductions to a resident dog must be done slow and properly to ensure all goes well and is successful."

Best Attribute:   

His personality! His facial expressions, his attitude (happy go luck), and love of people, his curiosity for everything. 

If someone wants a dog that will be the perfect companion, a real buddy, Fluke's the guy! He is happy to go with you on any outing, car ride, walk, shopping, and just as happy to work in the yard, wash the car, or chill out watching TV and cuddling with you.

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